LLW – Chapter 158.1

Chapter 158: Help me save him

As soon as this remark came out, the three maids behind were so shocked, their chins were about to fall …

No … there’s no way? What did Miss mean, is she going to promise Elder Yang?

They looked at each other erratically, but in the end they found a strange light in Feng Chuge’s eyes.

Elder Yang also raised an eyebrow and lightly scratched his beard. “What condition?”

“Help me save a man in the demon tower –“

Elder Yang heard this and couldn’t help but frown.

Go to the demon tower to save someone. What kind of joke was this? Isn’t there only a beast in the demon tower?

“Save him, I’ll promise to be your apprentice.” Feng Chuge continued.

Elder Yang looked at Feng Chuge up and down, but only saw her resolute. She did not appear joking.


But the demon tower has been shut off, sealing a millenium-old beast!!

Even if the monster has transformed into a human form, it’s still just a beast!

The corners of his lips ticced: “Have you seen someone in the demon tower?”

“Of course.” Feng Chuge sighed softly, “The poor man, he has been locked up the demon tower for so many years. However, some people are really mean, just because he has red eyes, they regarded him as a monster. He obviously is just a cold teenager who loves playing cool … “

The corner of Elder Yang’s lips ticced again.

That’s right …

As Feng Chuge has put it, he indeed is a monster.

But, a cold teenager who loves playing cool?

This Elder Yang begs to differ.

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