SWPF – Chapter 28.2

“No, I’m not hungry. I ate a lot of snacks this afternoon and I really want to sleep.” Lu Xingzhi pursed her lips. “Go eat. Don’t worry about me, I will sleep for a little while.

“What did you eat and why do you want to sleep?”

“Chocolates, chocolate is delicious. Even after eating them for some hours now, I still feel a little dizzy.” Lu Xingzhi answered happily, her smile particularly sweet.

“Did you eat wine chocolates?” Hou Jinchen cracked a smile and rubbed her head. “Do you like chocolates?”

“Just a bit.”

Hou Jinchen didn’t tear her mask down, she obviously love them.

When talking about chocolates, she smiles unconsciously, of course she likes them.

Since she likes it, buy more for her.

This little girl also likes to eat strawberries and cherries.

But, have dinner first.

“Now that you are up, eat dinner first before you go to sleep.”

“I don’t want to eat, I want to sleep.” Lu Xingzhi scratched her head, her cherry-red lips pursing, soft and waxy, her voice smelling of a child throwing a tantrum.

The pretty little girl looks so soft and cute, encouraging someone to pinch and bully.

Bullying her is impossible, at least temporarily.

But, pinching is still okay.

Huo Jinchen still obeyed his own heart, and stretched out his devil’s claws towards Lu Xingzhi’s tender little face.

Still as soft as before, smooth as water.

The little girl’s skin is still too delicate, he only squeezed her cheeks gently, but there are already red marks left on her face.

“Don’t squeeze my face.” Lu Xingzhi complained. “No pinching is allowed in the future.”

“Where can I pinch you then?” Huo Jinchen is beguiled and wanted to tease her, more than that, he wants to bully her.

Lu Xingzhi: “…”

“You can’t pinch anywhere.” How could this uncle be so childish.

“Go down to eat, okay? Be good, you’ll sleep well after eating.” Huo Jinchen said patiently, as if coaxing a child.

“All right!” Lu Xingzhi agreed reluctantly.

Huo Jinchen grabbed her slender hand, “Let’s go! Let’s go down together.”

“I can go by myself. I’m not a kid and don’t need to hold hands.” Lu Xingzhi wanted to withdraw her hands, but couldn’t break free.

“You’re only eighteen years old. You’re still a kid.”

“That’s right, you are nine years older than me so in your eyes, I am a child.”

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