LLW – Chapter 157.2

“You are only an intermediate refiner now, but I can advance you to an advance state in a short time. And …” Elder Yang approached her mysteriously as he said, “Have you ever heard of charmers? Unfortunately, your master is a charmer….”


Feng Chuge instantly braked.

In the town demon tower, Yao Ye told her that only a charmer could lift the seal in the demon tower.

Flashes of thoughts passed through her eyes.

She turned her head with a look of surprised on her delicate face. “Are you a charmer?”

Seeing Feng Chuge looking at him curiously, Elder Yang finally sighed in relief. “That’s right.”

“Primary? Intermediate? Or…. Advanced?” Feng Chuge hesitated for a moment and asked.

“Nonsense, of course advanced! Primary and intermediate are not worth mentioning in my presence.” Elder continued proudly. “How about it, if you are willing to worship me as your teacher, I will pass all my skills to you. I noticed that you have strong comprehension abilities. Coupled with my prudent training, you will definitely surpass me in not time at all.”

The look on Elder Yang face at the moment resembles an image luring children.

Feng Chuge narrowed her eyes for a moment and recalled the desolate look of Yao Ye in the demon tower.

After being locked in the town demon tower for so many years, he must be very lonely …

The fate of that boy is so miserable …

“Hey, apprentice, don’t think about it, I know you will worship this teacher.” Seeing Feng Chuge having second thoughts, Elder Yang laughed especially treacherous. With his hands wrapped around his chest, he stood not far away, looking at Feng Chuge, as if waiting for Feng Chuge to call him Master.

The three maids exchanged glances and unconsciously smiled at each other.

Want their lady to be his apprentice?

Keep dreaming!!

Just then, Feng Chuge suddenly opened her eyes.

She looked at Elder Yang and opened her lips coldly, “Okay, I promise you, but you promise me a condition first!”

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