TOCH – Chapter 356

Chapter 356: Ask him for help

For so many years before, Fang Fei has always landed Fang Chixia into troubles accompanying it with countless nitpicking and stabbing, while Fang Rong leched after her, all of which she managed to filter through and didn’t mention.

Fang Chixia couldn’t help but even admire herself for surviving to this point, she thought she could get a a Guinness World Record Award.

She knew very well what Ye Yun was angry about.

After getting a hold of the news that she was involved with Luo Yibei, before initiating this call, Ye Yun must have calculated several times then calculated over and over again how much money she could squeeze out of her.

She must have made the call with full confidence, but now that she didn’t receive even half a penny, of course, she’d be furious.

Fang Chixia and Ye Yu had no affections for each other, so for Ye Yun’s accusations, she put up with it without defense, still in consideration of the Fang family’s favor.

“Auntie, if there is nothing else, I’ll hang up the phone first.” Hearing Fang Chixia wanting to hang up, after venting her, Ye Yun anxiously added: “Chixia, you must help us. The company has been in dire straits recently so your father fell ill.”

“What?” Ready to press the end call button, Fang Chixia was caught off guard and stood frozen there.

“He got sick, he’s been in the hospital for a while now!” Ye Yun sighed in pretense knowing that she’s finally got her attention.

Fang Chixia was brought back to the Fang family by Fang Mingcheng. She has also called him father so she couldn’t completely ignore him. She still hasn’t gotten to the point of being heartless towards him.

“I know, I will think of a way, I will tell you if there is news.” Fang Chixia hung up the phone, walked back to the living room with her mobile phone, and paced back and forth in agitation.

While worrying about Fang Mingcheng, she pondered whether to speak with Luo Yibei about it.

Luo Yibei originally thought that she had offered to marry him for his money and power. Fang Chixia didn’t want add to the misunderstanding so she never asked him for money after their marriage.

Now that she’s about to ask him such a huge amount, Fang Chixia couldn’t tell how he’d react the moment he hears it.

Holding the phone in the living room for a long time, Fang Chixia’s eyes fixed on the screen of her phone. After gathering enough courage, with trembling fingers, she dialed Luo Yibei’s number on her contacts.

The ringing rang particularly loud in the large villa.

With her heart in her throat, Fang Chixia waited patiently while going over how to open the subject to him.

The ringing continued.

He must be busy because the ringing went on for a few seconds.

When it finally went through, before Fang Chixia could even say a word, Su Ran’s delicate and soft voice came from the other side, “Hello, who is this?”

Her sweet voice only said these words.

But it somehow knocked Fang Chixia’s head hard, so she hurriedly ended the call.

In her agitation, she totally forgot about Su Ran.

A man of another woman, what identity did she have to borrow money from him?

And after borrowing, how was she to repay him?

Fang Chixia sat disoriented on the sofa, hugging Tuantuan while running her hands on his fur.

What should she do?

Fang Chixia sat lost in deep thoughts on the sofa and unknowingly fell asleep there.

In the early hours of the morning, the door of the villa was opened and the man who had not been seen for this afternoon and evening suddenly appeared in the living room.

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  1. Damn I think this misunderstanding grow even bigger , Lou Yiber is annoying sometimes
    Thanks for the update πŸ™‚


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