SWPF – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Disobedient people

Realizing that she’s been played by Lu Xingzhi, Chen Xinzi screamed furiously.

Lu Xingzhi nodded earnestly and said honestly: “That’s right! I’m not as noble as you, who’s only for love. I’m only after money! I’m a vain person and is greedy for money.”

Chen Xinzi is totally pissed off, but she couldn’t say anything.

“Miss Lu, how could you do it? You don’t deserve third brother.”

“Yes, you’re right! But, go and speak with Huo Jinchen.” When her chips are down, she glanced at Zhou Yixiang, who’s been paying attention to them the whole time, “Housekeeper Zhou, please entertain Miss Chen personally. Although your master has said that she’s an insignificant woman, since she’s here, she’s a guest.”

Lu Xingzhi turned around coldly. Don’t tell her that she doesn’t deserve Huo Jinchen. She never wanted to match Huo Jinchen!

Had it not been for that so-called marriage contract, she would not have been here.

When she reached the last step, she stopped: “If you have the ability, take Huo Jinchen away. If he really cares about you, he won’t let me be his hostess.”

A marriage contract wouldn’t hold Huo Jinchen, unless she’s a woman he doesn’t care about.

Lu Xingzhi may be only 18, but her thoughts are mature.

She is nothing but a responsibility for Huo Jinchen.

So she’s pampering her. To say that he likes her, she doesn’t believe it one bit.

“Miss Lu, you’re too arrogant.” Zhuo Yixiang felt that such a woman is really not worthy of being the hostess of the Huo family.

“Housekeeper Zhou, you’ve gone too far.” Luo Xingzhi deterred with full authority. “I’ll let go of you today, but if there’s another time, you’re really not going to stay long here. Keep in mind that you are just a housekeeper.”

Back in the room, Lu Xingzhi moodily flopped down on her bed.

Until Hou Jinchen returned home from work and called her down for dinner did she go back down again.

“Sir, since Miss Lu …” Zhuo Yixiang planned on saying that since Lu Xingzhi isn’t hungry, he should eat first instad of waiting for her.

As a result, halfway through his suggestion, Huo Jinchen interrupted: “What did you call her? Miss Lu? I remember that the first day I brought her back, you were told to call her lady. What? Were my words worthless? In that case, please leave. With me here, I don’t tolerate disobedient people.”

Huo Jinchen’s voice swept through the large hall like a glacial knife. “Looks like someone’s backing you up. Zhuo Yixiang, I comend your usekeeping expertise. But did that make you feel like you should be the master of the house?”

“Sir, I have absolutely no such idea. I just……”

“Your thoughts don’t matter. I don’t need your approval for anything. I hired you, and all you have to do is carry things out. If can do as you’re told, you can stay.”

Zhuo Yixiang finally sensed a slight chill and felt scared.

Yeah, he almost forgot what kind of person Huo Jinchen is.

Huo Jinchen’s words caused the servants in the villa to tremble and worry about whether they have done something that made Lu Xingzhi unhappy.

They are very satisfied with their work here, after all, the treatment is very good.

They are no worse that people working in large companies.

After leaving these words behind, Huo Jinchen went to Lu Xingzhi.

He arrived at her door and knocked.

“Uncle, are you looking for me?” Lu Xingzhi is actually sleeping. She started this day in a really bad mood.

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