LLW – Chapter 156

Chapter 156: Drop out! Drop out!

Heart of the hail —

Only these four words caused a stir all around.

Legend has it that the heart of the ice soul was a bead formed from the deepest part of sea, condensing the spiritual power of the sea for tens of thousands of years.

Not only has it has a great effect on the growth of spiritual power, but it can also store objects.

For an instant, everyone’s eyes swiveled to the bead, their eyes shining with envy.

Contrary to their envy, Feng Chuge was taken aback at the interest this bead has caused.

She took it out first because it was on the fifth floor and it would serve as evidence. And second was its storage function.

There’s no way……

There were too many treasures she has taken from the second, third, and fourth floors!!


Right now, the bead was in the dean’s hands.

She didn’t mind the bead being taken, but the herbs she has collected.

In the midst of her grieving the loss, the dean once again spoke: “This bead has already acknowledge you as its master so you must be fated. You can take it away.”

After that, the dean looked deeply at the Feng Chuge: “But……The demon tower is a dangerous place to enter, so you can’t just enter at will.”

“I understand.” Feng Chuge received the bead.

“Well, since things have been settled, I’ll be leaving…” The dean turned around, then raised a brow in recall of another matter.

“Oh, right, you’re in class seven, right?”


“Go tell your teacher before class in the afternoon, there will be another student joining your class tomorrow …”

“…” Feng Chuge was surprised.

Haven’t the annual admission test been over? Are there new students coming?

However, since it’s the dean talking, she couldn’t question it.

“Okay, I will.”

The dean nodded and finally left.

After the dean left, everyone jogged forward in awe: “Xiao Shimei is really amazing, she even managed to grab the heart of the hail.”

“Yeah … and came out of the demon tower safely, Xiao Shimei is really blessed.”

As the crowd were talking eloquently, Feng Chuge raised her eyebrows lightly and glanced at Rong Liang Meng nearby.

Following the direction where she was looking, everyone also looked.

“Rong shijie … what to do, you lost …” Feng Chuge jeered.

Rong Liang Meng’s entire face was no ashen and her whole body was visibly shivering.

She looked at each lively student in front of her, gloating as they watched her.

After all, this entire incident was proposed by Rong Liang Meng herself. If it wasn’t for herself, how could she end up in such an end?

“Rong shijie should abide by the agreement.” Feng Chuge thrusted the dagger deeper.

The students near heard her say so and burst into laughter.

“Drop out! Drop out!”

Only one started these two words first, then one by one until the whole field was reverberating with this cry.

Rong Liang Meng could no longer bear the pressure and passed out.

Feng Chuge snorted softly.

She couldn’t be blamed for her own ending, it was all under her machinations!!

Looking around, Feng Chuge advised, “Everyone should disperse now, we still have class in the afternoon …”

“Well, we’re leaving…” After the fun was over, it’s time to go.

Someone eventually came to carry Rong Liang Meng away while everyone scattered.

Feng Chuge smoothened her loose hair that were all over her shoulders and left with her maids.

Unsurprisingly, she sensed a resentful gaze not far away.

This gaze were fixed on her sharply, as if couldn’t wait to kill her……

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