SWDP – Chapter 29

Chapter 29: This sister, beat you up!

In the next moment, Mu Huan suddenly grabbed his neck with both hands with her legs crawling up his legs, hooking her legs on his hips, seemingly desirious of inspecting him up close.

Seeing her climbing him relentlessly, Bao Junyan extended a helping hand.

Mu Huan thanked him politely.

The smile on Bao Junyan’s mouth deepened.

At last, Mu Huan felt that she was at an equal eye level with Bao Junyan and no longer needed to stretch her neck up. This made her smile smugly. She wanted to shake her head, but then thought back on her purpose, so: “Husband, you won’t be seduced by her, right?”


“Let me tell you, I told her you would unlikely fall for such a brainless and flat chested woman, but still she’s unwilling to give up. So you tell her, quickly give up any illusions about you, get lost and stay away from here this instant!”

“All right.”

Drunk people’s way of thinking jump rapidly, he barely agreed, when Mu Huan crooked her head to the side as if distressed, “What if you tell her and she still doesn’t give up, what if she doesn’t want to leave?”

“Then I’ll force her to leave.”

Mu Huan beamed immediately: “That’s good! That’s great!”

But soon the smile on her face disappeared, as she muttered earnestly: “She must not leave now, otherwise, my mission will fail….”

Bao Junyan watched as she had second thoughts. Even as drunk as she was, she could still point out the consequences of sending her away. His eyes couldn’t help but shine coldly. The pressure of the Mu family towards his little wife is too much.

At this time, Mu Huan dropped her head on his shoulder: “Sleepy… I want to go to sleep… sleep….”

Then slumbered away.

Bao Junyan, “…”

This speed!

Mu Kexin who finally struggled to straighten herself without his knowledte, grasped this opportunity, “Brother-in-law, my sister is really adorable when drunk. Before she reached adulthood, she’d been drifting along bars and has been drunk several times….”

Before she could finish, she was scared by the cold glance from Bao Junyan.

“Let someone send her back and tell the Mu family that I let her go back. If anyone blames my wife, tell them it’s on my head!” Bao Junyan ordered icily.

He had agreed to letting Mu Kexin stay here for a month, thinking that Mu Huan wanted to maintain a good relationship with her family, not knowing that it actually made things difficult for her to tolerate.

Now, he can suppose that she was threatened, and was forced to shelter Mu Kexin in.

He would like to see how much courage the Mu family has. He’ll let people send this woman back, and see of they’ll dare threaten his wife!

“Yes!” Butler Li immediately approached Mu Kexin, “Miss Mu, please.”

“No! I’m not leaving! Brother-in-law, what did I do wrong? Let me go! Brother-in-law……” She can’t just leave!

Brushing her off, Bao Junyan instead carried Mu Huan upstairs.

He doesn’t want to let this crazy woman wake his baby with her racket.

Mu Kexin screamed and didn’t want to leave so Butler Li called people to carry her to the car. He then let people pack her luggage and sent her back to the Mu’s residence.

And the drunk Mu Huan just slept sweetly, dreaming away like a child.

Then she suddenly shouted for water, saying that she is thirsty.

Bao Junyan poured her water, but she didn’t drink it and instead clamored for an ice cream.

Bao Junyan: “….”

“No ice cream at night, it’s bad for your teeth.” Before tucking her in bed, it took him a little effort to brush her teeth and didn’t want to brush her again.

Bao Junyan is a neat freak so his proclivity for brushing teeth before bed couldn’t be violated.

“You dare deprive this sister of her eat ice cream. This sister will beat you up!” Mu Huan struggled to sit up and fiercely faced him.

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  1. 😂Such a cute chapter! Mu Huan is adorable drunk, and Bao Junyan is such a sweet husband. He even brushed her teeth for her.🤣

    Thanks for the chapter.💖

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