EP – Chapter 180

Chapter 180: The pervading smell of gunpowder

Sensing Ji Mo’s displeasure, Pei Ruoxi pursed her lips and walked towards him.

Four or five steps away from him, the assistant director ran over with his cell phone in tow and excitedly grabbed Ji Mo’s arm.

“Ji Mo, do you know what our highest ratings are?”

“How much?”

When Ji Mo asked, the nearby staff inclined their faces curiously.

After so much effort and hard work, today’s broadcast was the real test. They wanted to know how much they’ve scored in tickets.

“When the two guests were debating, it reached the peak at 1.6%, and the average value from the audience was above 1.1%. Ji Mo, we are on fire!”

The assistant director who was nearly fifty bubbled with excitement.

These statistics were far more than they have expected, and it was already a remarkable achievement for a new interview program.

The staff all around cheered exultantly.


Ji Mo’s face was also dyed with a rare touch of exhiliration. He wasn’t a hero who’d take the lead for high ratings, but he was still a bit surprised at how their program has achieved.

“Director Ji, you should treat us!” Zhang Yue quipped from the distance.

“That’s right, Director Ji, no dinner treat is inexcusable!” Another staff member who was doing the clean ups gibed.

“No problem, let’s go!” Ji Mo smiled brilliantly. “Xiao Zhang, discuss where then reserve tables, I will go thank the two guests, and tell Xiaofei this good news.”

Ji Mo is a man of wisdom, their first game was a success due to two reasons.

The first was because these two esteemed guests are really outstanding; and the second was accounted on the issues that Ning Xiaofei has raised, which ingeniously linked two different fields and created sparks when they collided….And, strictly speaking, their success was all due to her planning, without her, there would have been no such two guests, and there would be no such entertaining program.

He took a great risk choosing her, but this young girl didn’t let him down.

Pei Ruoxi bit her lips, watching Ji Mo walk away.

“Miss, Ruoxi!” Her assistant ran from the backstage and handed her a glass of water.”You must be tired, here….
drink some water!”

With no one to vent her anger, she shove the glass handed by her assistant.

“Where have you been?”

Scolded out of the blue, the assistant stiffened. “I… I just went to the bathroom.

“What a lazy donkey turning a grindstone, if it takes a lot of time off for peeing and pooing, why don’t you just flush yourself down the toilet!”

After screaming off her anger, Pei Ruoxi stomped to the backstage.




When Ning Xiaofei brought Mu Tianye outside of his dressing room, she happened to see Xu Yang coming out with Xicheng.

The two men looked at each other, and the air was filled with gunpowder in an instant.

“Go in!”

Sensing the gunpowder pervading through, Ning Xiaofei hurriedly pushed Mu Tianye on the shoulder. She pushed him into the room while giving Zhou Tao a look. When Zhou Tao followed him in, she immediately shut the door.

“Mr. Xicheng!” Ning Xiaofei turned smilingly to face Xicheng, “I apologize for that question. In addition, on behalf of the entire crew, thank you for your excellent performance tonight. It’s too late today so you two should go back for a rest. I will go to the police station first thing in morning to help them find out the truth and give you an explanation.”

Xicheng raised his hands and shoved them into his trousers’ pocket, looking at the young girl in front of him.

“Don’t play tricks, or else……You’ll die badly!”



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