SWPF – Chapter 25

Chapter 25: It was Huo Jinchen’s respect for her

Huo Jinchen is not at home. So didn’t this Chen sister come over this time specifically to see her?

Otherwise, how could the housekeeper, who is now diligently serving in front of Chen Xinzi, ask her to come down.

“Did Chen jie come to find Huo Jinchen? He is at the company at this time.” Lu Xingzhi walked to the sofa next to her and sat down.

“I didn’t come for third brother. I came to see you.” Chen Xinzi smiled briefly at Lu Xingzhi, but that glance obviously is telling her that she doesn’t put her into her eyes.


Chen Xinzi: “…”

She did not expect that Lu Xingzhi to react so indifferently.

She should either be surprised or asking for the reason.

“Are you not surprised?” Chen Xinzi asked.

“Surprised.” Lu Xingzhi played along.

Her sloppy response riled Chen Xinzi.

She came here today purposely not for Lu Xingzhi to meet her.

“Sister Lu, can we have a talk outside?” Chen Xinzi resisted the anger and said with a smile.

Lu Xingzhi glanced outside and at the sight of the burning sun, she refused: “Let’s talk here!”

Chen Xinzi: “….”

She really has never seen a woman who is as impassive as Lu Xingzhi.

She signaled Zhou Yixiang and Zhou Yixiang motioned for the two servants in the living room to leave.

“Housekeeper Zhou, before you leave with the two sisters, let me call your master first!” Lu Xingzhi took out her mobile phone directly.

“Lu Jie, Master is very busy at this moment. What are you calling him for?” Zhuo Yixiang asked disapprovingly.

“I have to ask him when has the housekeeper and Chen Jie became the masters of the house? Ask him if when he called me his lady, the hostess of this family, was but a play.”

Lu Xingzhi sneered and went on with her words.

“Housekeeper Zhou, if you don’t believe me, let me tell you. If I reported your disrespect of me to Hou Jinchen, tomorrow, do you think you have the chance to stay here again?”

Lu Xingzhi’s confidence stems not from her weight in Hou Jinchen’s heart.

But from the respect that Huo Jinchen has showered her.

“Sister Lu, why are you so serious? Housekeeper Zhou is the old man of this villa. Even third brother values him. Even if I’m an outsider, I have many years of love with third brother. I believe that Housekeeper Zhou is attending to me just because I’m a guest.”

When Lu Xingzhi browbeat Housekeeper Zhou, Chen Xinzi grew even more unhappy. However, Zhuo Yixiang is her insider in this villa. She can know a lot of information that she wants to know.

Naturally, she’ll throw her weight behind him.

“So it seems Huo Jinchen lied to me about a lot of things. He told me that in this villa, if there’s anyone I dislike, he can let them leave. On top of that, he even said that he is only acquaintances with Chen jie.”

Everything that Lu Xingzhi said was true. Of course she didn’t include how Hou Jinchen described Chen Xinzi as ugly and insignificant.

These words, for Chen Xinzi’s sake as a woman, she should leave her some face.

On the way round, Chen Xinzhi felt humiliated, hearing Lu Xingzhi saying so right smack on her face.

“Lu jie, I’m just a housekeeper so you can say anything you like. But Chen jie is a guest, you should show her some respect.”

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