SWPF – Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Chen Xinzi dropped by

“Which movie do you want to see?”

Huo Jinchen took her to the home theater and asked her to pick.

Lu Xingzhi chose an American romance. She has heard that this movie is a must-see, a classic, but she has never watched it before.

So just take a look at it.

She actually heard it from her dad.

Her father said that he met his mother because of this movie. Later on, they got into contact and fell in love.

Since then, she’d been searching for this film, but somehow hasn’t found it nor bought it.

This movie is more than 20 years old.

But at a closer look at Huo Jinchen’s copy, it should be an original version!

Sure enough, the benefits of having money are countless.

“Can we see this?” Lu Xingzhi asked.

“It is not the Mandarin version, and the subtitles are not translated into z.” Huo Jinchen explained tactfully. Even if Lu Xingzhi indeed has high performance grades in English, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’d completely understand the whole movie nor the subtitles.

“Oh!” Lu Xingzhi merely nodded in response.

Huo Jinchen is a bit embarrassed, so does that mean they’ll still watch it or not?

He asked tentatively: “Then shall we watch this?’

“Okay.” Lu Xingzhi is still interested.

She understands what Huo Jinchen implied, however, her English is actually no hindrance to communicating with foreigners.

While Huo Jinchen and Lu Xingzhi were watching the movie, he discovered that Lu Xingzhi’s must be fluent in English.

It’s just that in the middle of it, Lu Xingzhi is suddenly flustered.

It never occurred to her that apart from kissing, there is also a lot of drama on that scale.

She averted her eyes hot in emba. When she turned sideways, he saw Huo Jinchen staring at her.

“Why don’t you watch the movie instead of staring at me?” Lu Xingzhi whispered.

“You look good!” Seeing her blushing, Huo Jinchen felt the urge to tease her more. “Shy? It’s just a movie. It’s not like you’re watching a live show, or do you want to see it?”

Lu Xingzhi shook her head again and again, “No.”

“Ha ha…” Huo Jinchen is amused.

He has actually seen this movie twice.

At the end of the day, the protagonist died, leaving the heroine alone.

“What’s wrong? Is it good?”

“Ugh!’ Lu Xingzhi just sighed.

“What’s ? Not good?” Huo Jinchen asked.

“No.” Lu Xingzhi answered stoically.

Huo Jinchen did not speak again and just stared at her.

“Actually, the man died in the end. I think if they really did survive together, they may have still ended up apart.” People’s standing in life is different. Two days is not enough for one person to really fall in love with another!

It’s only because he died. The man’s death trying to save her left a deep impression on her.

“Not all of it is necessarily true.” Huo Jinchen ruffled her head. “Don’t think too much. A movie is totally different from real life.”

“Yes! I know.”

When they finished watching the movie, they returned to their rooms. While taking a shower, Lu Xingzhi recalled the topic she raised to Huo Jinchen before going to the home theater.

Forget it, just talk to him again later!

While Lu Xingzhi is lying in the villa as usual, Chen Xinzi suddenly dropped by.

When Zhuo Yixiang asked her to go downstairs, she saw Chen Xinzi sitting on the sofa and drinking coffee elegantly.

She is wearing a black tulle dress today with a pair of black high heels on her feet.

Seeing her coming down the stairs, she smiled at her.

“Lu Jie, we meet again.”

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