LLW – Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Self-deception is wrong.

At the moment, Rong Liang Meng’s eyes are glaring at her with fury, her originally pretty little face was replaced with malevolence.

And the group who heard her fell into different thoughts.

That’s right…

This tower suppresses demons and there exists a beast inside.

Although their Xiao shimei wasn’t an ordinary senior spiritual master, she was only a 15 or 16-year old little girl. Her strength was certainly not capable of anything.

There were once a group from Class 4 who reached the primary level of a spiritual great master. They broke into the demon tower mistakenly and never came out again….

With this thought in mind, everyone wondered.

Rong Liang Meng’s reaction was already expected and so that’s why Feng Chuge insisted on going to the fifth floor to get that bead.

She slowly came forward.

Her pace was unhurried, but every step she got closer was like a thunder in Rong Liang Meng’s heart.

This easygoing Feng Chuge only made Rong Liang Meng feel like burdened by a boulder on her back.

“What should I do? Miss Rong girl, you doomed to be disappointed…” Stopping in frong of Rong Liang Meng, Feng Chuge ducked slightly to meet her eyes.

The radiance of her lips swayed in an arc.

She’s obviously smiling, but the chill buried in her gaze makes people shudder.

Feng Chuge no longer kept her listeners in suspense and brought out the crystal clear bead, “Look at this, isn’t this the bead from the fifth floor?”

Under the sun, the bead was transparent and looked as ordinary as it could be.

As Yao Ye has said, this was a storage space bead. The moment she took the bead, she followed Yao Ye’s instructions and fed it a drop of her blood for it to recognize her at its master.

Thereafter, everything that was collected from the demon tower were stored in the bead.

This bead seemed ordinary, but who could tell what’s inside it?

After seeing the bead, Rong Liang Meng was stunned.

Her eyes shone in a flash.

What exactly is in the demon tower, not one of the students know.

Only the dean of Yuntian College and a handful of other elders know exactly what is inside.

Rong Liang Meng suddenly laughed —

“Oh… Feng Chuge, I am so ashamed of you, what? You’ve picked up a broken bead and dare say that it’s from the fifth floor? Tell you what, such a bead, I’ve got a big one just like that here! Are you fond of them? If you really like them, just concede defeat, come to me….”

“Pa…” Before Rong Liang Meng could finish her words, she was interrupted by a crisp clear slap.

The sound of this palm rang particularly loud.

Silence has long reigned around.

So the slap broke through the air and pierced everyone’s ears.

Half of Rong Liang Meng’s face was now distorted, stained with red palm prings.

She stayed motionless for a moment.

“You hit me? Feng Chuge, how dare you hit me?”

Feng Chuge leaned on the railing beside them and sneered coldly.

“What about it, this is me teaching you for your parents. Didn’t your parents ever tell you that it’s wrong to keep fooling yourself? Anything you do should maintain the status quo.

“You…” Rong Liang Meng’s face turned red then white.

She never thought that Feng Chuge would hit her, and in front of so many people!

She didn’t even cover up her hands and just hit her openly!!!

She eyed the bead and her heart shook.

Regardless of whether the bead was taken from the fifth floor or not, it was impossible for her to acknowledge it!

Otherwise, her ending would be being kicked out of the college!!

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