TOCH – Chapter 353

Chapter 353: Childhood sweethearts

She left very quickly, her face was just a little unnatural for a moment, and it quickly returned to normal.

The speed by which she recovered made Su Ran doubt her own judgement.

By the time Fang Chixia returned to the conference room, the meeting had just begun.

When she handed the document over to Luo Yibei, her eyes couldn’t help but glance at his hands.

Luo Yibei’s ring finger was bare.

Probably in cooperation with her trying not to expose their hidden marriage, he didn’t their wedding ring nor any other rings.

Fang Chixia stared at his hands for a while and quickly averted her gaze.

Her eyes shifted very quickly as if she were disgusted

Luo Yibei’s brows wrinkled again.

She was fine just fine this morning. What has happened to her now?

Fang Chixia said nothing, sat down quietly, and opened her notebook to record everything.

Because there were a pile of issued to be dealt with, the morning meeting lasted for more than two hours.

Fang Chixia bowed her head low, her fingertips tapping on her notebook, and never lifted her head from beginning to end.

After the meeting, the first to leave was Luo Yibei.

Standing at the door, he specially waited for her.

But Fang Chixia left without, clutching her stuff.

Luo Yibei calmly followed behind her and headed to his office. When passing by her desk, he stayed still for a few seconds.

“What’s the matter?” Fang Chixia looked up at him and asked faintly.

She looked pale and returned to her previously innocuous attitude. and didn’t even ask him about the night before.

Her taking the initiative to cater to him yesterday seemed just a product of Luo Yibei’s illusion.

Luo Yibei swept over her heavily and coldy, sharp as a knife.

Staring at her for a while, he didn’t say anything and went straight into his office.

When he returned to the room, Su Ran was still at his desk.

“You’re back!” As if nothing had happened, she greeted him and put down the magazine in her hand back to its original place and vacated his office chair for him.

The drawer was still open, and the ring box lay still inside, everything appeared untouched.

Luo Yibei stuffed the ring box in the inside and locked the drawer.

“I will take you to see my parents!” He stood up and led her out of the office.

The Su family and the Luo family were related closely. Luo Yibei and Su Ran have known each other from an early age, but they were not childhood sweethearts.

In Luo Yibei’s dictionary, two people with intimate relationship and were innocent playmates can only be defined as childhood sweethearts.

He and Su Ran can’t be counted as one.

They were only close because of their close relationship.

Another reason was that Su Ran was once injured because of him, so Luo Yibei took special care of her.

Luo Yibei left with Su Ran and had not returned to the office for a long time.

At noon, as Su Ran returned home without a word, Luo Yibei arranged a family dinner.

After work, when Luo Xichen and his wife were leaving together with the two, they couldn’t help but look at Fang Chixia’s direction.

Fang Chixia forgot to bring lunch today, so she was at her desk alone and stirring instant noodles.

The cost of meals near Rongxi has always been high, so whenever she doesn’t bring food, she’d usually solve her hunger with instant noodles.

Luo Yibei looked at her quietly. He just wanted to say something when Sha Zhixing beat him to it.

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