SWDP – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Nutcase

Xiao Huan’s greatest merit is her strong attachment to justice, but her sense of righteousness is also her worst shortcoming.

“I know, I have already told her clearly today. We’re even so in the future, if she dares to provoke me, I’ll treat her as my enemy!” Mu Huan raised her face, she has never been stupid.

“That’s the way it should be, his is the real Mu Huan! Whoever bullies you, you should reciprocate 10 times more!”

“Of course!”

Knowing that she has completely dumped all affection for Lin Qingya, Li Meng happily raised the beer bottle in her hand: “Here, cheers!”

“Cheers!” Mu Huan downed the rest of her beer.

Then shouted to the boss, “Boss, thirty more kebabs, two pots of crayfish!”

“Okay!” The boss responded.

The first time the two came to his shop, they ordered so much then ordered again and again, ending up with the boss being scared as he thought that these two little girls wouldn’t be able to finish them.

But now, no matter how much they order, the boss prepared them calmly and even gives them extra free of charge, certain that they’ll all be devoured.

“Today, Sister Xuan called me and told me that if we could get the money back, we would get 20% of it. I told her that the money will certainly be retrieved!” Li Meng spoke as she ate.


“20% commission, wow, we both are indeed a couple who grew up as childhood friends!” Li Meng’s eyes lit up at the though of money. “Would you like to play for a few days?”

“Go out with your family, I’m not going. I’m eyeing a house in a district very close to Imperial Capital, close to the hospital and very expensive. The house would be sold out soon after it’s out on the market. I have to hurry and pay close attention to save money.” Mu Huan plans on leaving Yuncheng and settle down near the Imperial Capital.

“Do you want to transfer cities? The price of houses in the Imperial Capital is too expensive.” Li Meng’s heart hurts just by the thought of it.

“The medical conditions of the Imperial Capital are good. My grandmother is old. Een if she’s cured this time, she will often need to go to the hospital in the future.”

“You know how much I have. Let’s contribute together when you’re close to buying it. Buy it, borrow my money and pay interest!” Li Meng can help her to alleviate this financial problem.

“Okay, I’ll pay you high interest when that time comes!” Mu Huan raised another beer bottle, “Cheers!”


Just when the two were having a good time, Mu Huan’s cell phone rang. It was the number from the villa so she hurriedly picked it up.

“Mu Huan, you are a curse! How can you spend so much money to buy so many things! Do you want to die!” Mu Kexin saw several servants not only carrying shopping bags, but also saw that they are all famous brands, then delivered them to Mu Huan’s room, saying that these were all bought by Mu Huan and she went crazy!

These should be hers! They’re supposed to be hers!

“What a nutcase!” Mu Huan was greeted by her swearing and cursed back before hanging up.

Mu Kexin called again, but Mu Huan ignored her.

Mu Kexin was raving mad. She cursed and yelled in the room while trying to call her and in the end, decided to call Mrs. Mu.

“Grandma, you have to think of a way! If I let Mu Huan go on like this, I can’t marry Junyan!”

She feels scared just thinking of Junyan actually letting Mu Huan go on a shopping spree so casually, afraid that Junyan’s feeling for Mu Huan is getting deeper and deeper, and she’ll have no space to plug in.

“Try to make Bao Junyan like you first. I’m already at my wit’s end. Let grandma figure a way out!” Although Mrs. Mu is unwilling to admit it, but Mu Kexin, this granddaughter is really incomparable with Mu Huan.

“Grandma, you’ve got to figure it out! I can’t wait a day! I want to marry Junyan right away!”

Mu Kexin is said to be Mu Huan’s younger sister, but in fact, she’s only two months younger than Mu Huan. She’s nineteen too. 19 is the legal age for women to marry, therefore she’s completely convinced that she could marry Bao Junyan now.

“First try to let Bao Junyan like you, don’t say anything else!” The old lady ordered.

She has actually conjured up a scheme to force Bao Junyan to marry Mu Kexin, but if he can be made to like her, then that would be better.

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