EP – Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Not as good as a commercial cut

Ignore Ning Xiaofei’s reminder, Pei Ruoxi slightly turned her beautiful face towards the lens, and smiled.

“The two have achieved such grand success in their respective fields, which must not be separated from the training and guidance of their parents during their childhood…”

In order to host this interview program, Pei Ruoxi has also poured her time observing a lot of talk shows, and finally summed up all her observations.

Most of the interviews always ended emotionally, not bringing the guests to tears, but at least brimming with tears. That is the vital point and the climax for the the whole audience.

Pei Ruoxi thought that this topic was creative after several nights of reflection.

She has waited for the live show to show Ji Mo how amazing she was. Would she let Ning Xiaofei interfere with it?

Noting the changes on expression of the two guests, Pei Ruoxi surmised that the two were moved by her issue and was encouraged even more.

“I think Mr. Mu’s mother must be a beautiful and intelligent successful lady. Do you have any stories to share with us?”

Mu Tianye’s face sank, and the look in his eyes turned frosty in a blink.

Down the stage, a figure stood up.

Noticing that silhouette, he leaned on one side and eyed the figure, only to see Ning Xiaofei standing beside Ji Mo, clasping both hands on her chest as if praying.

Seeing her, Mu Tianye’s hadns on the armrest relaxed slowly.


Looking at her face, he resisted flaring up, then turned to face Pei Ruoxi.

Pei Ruoxi felt a chill climbing up her spine so she quickly steered clear of his sight and turned to Xicheng.

“That…How about Mr. Xicheng?

She wanted to save face only to receive a more poisonous response that Mu Tianye’s.

“I think… It’s better to cut in a commercial. This question is really boring to death!”

He has seen the plan and issues that Ning Xiaofei raised for him. Although some of them were relatively naive, they were never so boring and were focused all around music and his creation itself.

They’re on the stage towering above the audience, so he has also seen Ning Xiaofei standing up.

Needless to say, this was definitely Pei Ruoxi’s “self-exhibit.”

So this willful guy left not the slightest bit of face for Pei Ruoxi.

The audience suddenly burst into laughter, and Pei Ruoxi’s face turned white.

Under the stage, Ji Mo frowned and took the headset back from Ning Xiaofei’s hand.

“Cut into the guest debate right away.”

An excellent anchor should be able to withstand any pressure and adapt herself to the changes flexibly…. This time, Ji Mo was completely disappointed with Pei Ruoxi’s show off.

“Okay…” Pei Ruoxi adjusted her facial muscles. “Next, is our most awaited moment – the guests debate. We’ll randomly pick a topic from the Weibo tweets joining our column group today.”

The camera shifted to the big screen and Weibo tweets related to the show immediately rolled up.

“All right, count down with me, 3, 2, 1, stop!”

The atmosphere on the live broadcast was revived as a display of topics was displayed on the large screen from netizens.

“This is from a netizen named Doudou. She wants to ask the two gods on the stage — For a man, which is more important, career or love?! Oh, this is a tough question!”

Screams and cheers from the audience immediately rang.

Apparently, this is more exciting than Pei Ruoxi’s boring question. Ji Mo finally breathed easily. Fortunately, there was a formidable player like Ning Xiaofei.

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