SWPF – Chapter 23

Chapter 23: It’s a man’s most adored look

Lu Xingzhi bowed down in embarrassment from their teasing. Her face reddened and her cheeks burned prettily as if applied with rouge.

Her shyness only tightened Huo Jinchen’s throat.

It’s true that there are countless wolves out there.

But this tender lump of delicious meat, he had better set aside for himself!

“Third uncles, I will compete with you fairly.” Xiaxia clenched his tiny fists and asserted in annoyance unconvinced.

Huo Jinchen: “Wait till you grow up, let’s talk about it then! At such a young age, you’re not studying well, but wanting to find a wife.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha…”

“Third brother, I never knew you were this naive.” Huo Jinyan didn’t hide his unabashed derision.

At first, he wasn’t actually optimistic when he still hasn’t seen Lu Xingzhi. After all, when his third brother was asked to marry her, a woman who he had never seen before, even he was opposed to it.

He isn’t looking down on rural people, but there would always be a huge gap on the degree of communication and insights, which aren’t favorable for a partnership.

However, after encountering Lu Xingzhi today, his opinions overturned.

Moreover, he has also heard of her life story from the elders.

Over the years, she has been alone with no relatives, relying on herself, earning money while studying and even became the national college entrance examination champion.

For this matter, Huo Jinyan can frankly admit that he could never achieve so.

Furthermore, Lu Xingzhi is indeed a stunning woman.

Combing across the entertainment circle, there are almost a few who could be considered more beautiful than her, or that each has her own merits.

When all is said and done, she must have inherited her genes from her parents.

Her facial features are neatly defined and fascinating, rousing tender affection. It quite easily stirs a man’s protective nature.

It’s a also a look that’s adored by men.

Huo Jinyan felt a bit sour, but he really has to admire his third brother. Even his eyes for women are better than his.

No, she’s a woman he once met and brought back confidently just like that.

After eating with the Huo Family people, Lu Xingzhi followed Huo Jinchen back to the villa.

“Uncle, if you live here, don’t you get stuck in traffic jams every day? It’s a long way from the city!” Lu Xingzhi could not resist asking.

“I don’t usually stay here. I lived in an apartment before you came.”

“Huh? Then you don’t have to take care of me. I’ll just stay here. Anyway, school is going to start soon and I’ll be staying in the dorm.” Lu Xingzhi convinced in good faith.

“Do you want to live in an apartment?” Huo Jinchen just thought that someone in the villa would be taking care of her, but in the urban area, it would be much more convenient to go out.

“I’m fine right here.” It doesn’t matter to her at all, she doesn’t go out anyway.

“Well, when you start school, we’ll stay in an apartment. Anyway, it’s close to your school.” This is also a furtive explanation of Huo Jinchen’s refusal to let her stay in school when she starts school.

“When that time comes, I’ll live…”

“Would you like to see a movie? There is a home theater at home, it isn’t much worse than a cinema” Huo Jinchen directly interrupted Lu Xingzhi and shifted a topic.

“Hmm? Watch a movie? Oh!” Lu Xingzhi suddenly forgot her words.

She hates it every time Huo Jinchen speaks to her with such enticing voice, she even wonders if it haunts her sould.

Every time he looks at her tenderly, her face burns.

Lu Xingzhi licked her lips and stepped farther away from Huo Jinchen.

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