LLW – Capter 152

Chapter 152: A 16 or 15-year old Senior spiritual great master

So her power is actually…..

The redness of Yao Ye’s eyes shined more prominently as the seconds ticked, then he closed his eyes and shook his head.

No, he must have been wrong.

She looked merely at a senior spiritual master level, how could it she be….

Just then, a sound of rupture burst out and at the same time, that same powerful momentum re-emered.

In a flash, the whole ground shook more and more visibly.

Yao Ye opened his eyes again —

Yes, her power has actually reached the realm of an advanced spiritual great master!!

Reaching the realm of an advanced spiritual great master wasn’t at all suprising, it’s this girl who seemed only at the age of 15 or 16!!

At the advanced stage of a spiritual great master at such a young age, if it were to be spread out, it would certainly cause a sensation throughout the Yuntian continent.

Yao Ye’s lips widened once more.

Interesting, very interesting, he never expected that among all living beings who dared to come in, he’d chanced on this rare one, this is just truly interesting…..

On the other hand, Feng Chuge no longer wanted to linger in the demon tower.

Coupled with the fact that those hidden weapons are too deadly, she has released her true strength.

The white light shrouded her body.

Even as the hidden weapons showered down on her, the white light shined dazzlingly.

The bright light that permeated the whole place seemed to be swallowing all those weapons.

“Boom, boom, boom – “

Another explosion.

In one fell swoop when Feng Chuge waved her hand, those hidden weapons dissolved into ashes under the white light.

At this moment, Feng Chuge’s long straight hair were fluttering wildly with the surrounding air.

Beneath the glow of the luminous pearl, her face was devoid of any warmth nor emotion.

From afar, her entire person resembled a ghost, bringing terror.


Is her real face.


Is her true strength.

The dust in the air seemed to move along with her.

The ground of the entire town demon tower rocked.

Not only was the quake felt inside the tower, even the group of students waiting outside also sensed the abnormality.

Someone rubbed his eyes and blinked, then stuttered: “I…. Am I seeing things right? The tower…. is it shaking?”

“Right… I felt it too. The tower is shaking.” Someone echoed.

Someone, who stayed and perked his ears up, said: “Shhh, listen, there is a sound of heavy object crashing…”

“Damn, Xiao shimei must have encountered a beast!!”

In an instant, panic simmered outside.

A wicked beast….

The legendary monster.

If their Xiao shimei has indeed come face to face with it, everything certainly bodes ill for her!!

Not far away, Rong Liang Meng endured the pain on her legs and leaned aside.

She’s been waiting whether Feng Chuge dies inside or comes out alive.

Feng Chuge’s arrogance before she entered the demon tower really made her uneasy, but now….

Rong Liang Meng laughed —

Feng Chuge, you see, I may not be your match, but this demon tower can trap you!!

“What’s wrong? What happened? Where is Feng Chuge?” And anxious clear voice rang in the midst.

Looking in the distance, the red-clad Di Jing Lian hurried forward.

“Shijie, Xiao shimei entered the demon tower.” Someone replied.

The expression on Di Jing Lian’s face changed dramatically.

Before class, she only followed Yun Qianche and walked away, only to hear the news that Feng Chuge has entered the town demon tower.

Di Jing Lian didn’t believe it.

After all, even she wouldn’t dare to enter the demon tower carelessly.

But now, she rushed in.

As she approached the tower, she noticed that the iron doors were closed.

Di Jing Lian no longer hesitated. Mustering all her strength, she slammed into the iron doors.


Against the impregnable impact, the iron doors were pushed open from the outside….

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