TOCH – Chapter 351

Chapter 351: The best wedding gift

Luo Yibei opened the door and saw her suddenly coming, his brow wrinkled, and his eyes landed quietly in the direction of Fang Chixia.

Fang Chixia continued her tasks as if oblivious of his presence.

“Come in.” Luo Yibei scowled as he let Su Ran in and then slammed the door close.

He slammed so hard, smashing the door panels. The bang shook several people outside the office.

Fang Chixia glanced up and frowned at his office.

What a temper!

Forget it, just do her own things.

Inside the office.

“What made you come here so suddenly?” Luo Yibei sorted some documents for the morning conference while he talked to her.

“I happened to be passing by, and decided to stop by and said hello to Grandpa and Uncle Xichen.” Su Ran reasoned out and walked up to him. “Are you busy? Do you need any help?”

“No, sit down. I will let my assistant take you to my dad’s office.” Luo Yibei responded casually. He bent over and opened the drawer of his desk and flipping through it, as if searching for something.

Su Ran’s eyes stayed on him for a minute before finding a place to sit down. When she turned around, a small box suddenly crashed into her eyes.

The jewelry box was fancy and looking at the size of it, it should be a ring or something else.

The grandeur of the box oozed with nobility and gentleness, the solid black color of it, at a glance tells of its extraordinary value.

Su Ran stared at the box with fright, her brows screwing up.

A ring….

Who is it for?

Luo Yibei was still bent over flipping through the documents. After finding the desired paper, he has yet to lock the drawer when Fang Chixia’s reminder behind the door rang: “The meeting is about to begin, Mr. Luo, you should be heading there now!”

This strange term annoyed Luo Yibei to no end and he became a bit restless.

Can’t this woman ever do something pleasing?

Fang Chixia didn’t come in, which he guessed her expectation that he would be out with just that reminder. This ignited the gunpowder once more. After tidying up the record book, he went out to the conference room.

In fact, she didn’t mean to upset him, addressing him as “Mr. Luo” at the office. Instead, she has always taken extra precaution about her position.

She’s just an insignificant assistant at the company, so she couldn’t just address him as she does at home, right?

“Wait for me here, I’ll be done in a while.” Luo Yibei glanced at Su Ran, held some files in hand and left.

He has been away for so long, so there were a lot of things to deal with this morning. He quickly left and forgot locking the drawer.

Su Ran stood by the window and stared at him as he left. After his shadow disappeared, she could not help rummaging through his desk.

Step by step, she walked to his chair and sat down. Her eyes fixed on the jewelry box that was quietly lying in the drawer, her fingertips reached out and took the box out.

The moment she opened the box, a ray of light shined brightly like sunrays, glowing and striking.

This stunning pair of platinum rings, with a round brilliantly cut diamond in the middle, 0.18 carats and small were incredibly delicate and attractive, minimalist in design, but certainly luxuriously low-key.

At first sight, Su Ran recognized them.

5 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 351”

  1. Thanks for the update!
    Well he can’t blame her for protecting herself, their marriage is already a secret one plus he knows that it would cause her a lot of trouble if it were to get out especially to his grandfather, yet he doesn’t think that and believes she’s blatantly keeping a distance while he on the other hand never explains anything to her so why should she put herself in front of the firing squad for him when he can’t even confidently proclaim her as his wife in front of his family. Since he’s so desperate for her love then he needs to fight for it and prove to her that she’s worth it because his past treatment towards isn’t favourable to him.


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