EP – Chapter 177

Chapter 177: A slap in the face

The two men slapped each others’ faces tit-for-tat and the smell of gunpowder was explosive.

On the stage, a few arrows were immediately drawn and Pei Ruoxi, who intended to liven up the atmosphere, was faced with an awkward moment.

“Oh…” Pei Ruoxi forced a smile, “You two are really humorous!”

Off the stage, Ning Xiaofei wiped her forehead helplessly, and Ji Mo once again spoke on his headset and reminded Pei Ruoxi unhappily.

“Start the interview.”

The two had just quarreled because of Ning Xiaofei, so Pei Ruoxi should properly adjust her hosting script. At this time, asking them of their impressions about each other, wasn’t that tantamount to intentionally embarrassing herself?

“Today, I’m honored to be able to sit with you together. Since our program is entitled “Dialogue with God,” what is your insight on the word ‘God’?

Xicheng: “Boring!”

Pei Ruoxi’s eyebrows jumped and turned to look at Mu Tianye.

Mu Tianye: “Childish!”

Pei Ruoxi only wished she could kick these two men away.

What kinds of answers were these? If these two treat their words like they’d die if they answer with more than a word, how was she to facilitate the talk?

Off the stage, Ji Mo grabbed the headset the third time.

“Don’t talk smart, formally ask questions.”

This childish question, of course, was not included in Ning Xiaofei’s script, but it was Pei Ruoxi’s desire to ease the atmosphere that ended up embarrassing herself even more.

“We all know that Mr. Xicheng’s new song is entitled “The City of No Man”, and Mr. Mu is also a great god of architecture. For the word ‘City,’ we may have our own unique interpretation of it. Then, let us first call Xicheng for his own commentary of his “City of No Man. Then later, Mr. Mu to talk about his city – New Century.”

Speaking of his own music, Xicheng’s tone was serious and Mu Tianye’s eyes also looked focused. The New Century is the product of his three-year sword-grinding. Like his own child, he was of course very much concerned.

The two esteemed guests on the stage got into the right state so Ning Xiaofei, Ji Mo and the other staffs of the column group finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The first half of the interview went on quite smoothly with an ad cut into the middle. Pei Ruoxi’s strained nerves finally eased a bit.

After a while, Ji Mo’s signal sounded on her earpiece, marking the second half of the interview.

Control the time, focus on the issues that Xiaofei picked out for you, don’t add any drama.”

Listening to Ji Mo’s affectionate tone whenever he names Ning Xiaofei, which was contrary to his cold attitude towards her, an evil streak bubbled in her chest.

The countdown for the advertisement appeared on the screen and was ridirected to the stage. Pei Ruoxi straightened up in great spirits and grilled the two conscientiously with the following interview questions.

In a blink of an eye, the interview was coming to an end and Pei Ruoxi prepped up for her own questions.

“We all know that one’s success is inseparable to his or her childhood….”

Reading between the lines, Xicheng gave a restrained smile, while Mu Tianye’s brows began to wrinkle. Ning Xiaofei grabbed Ji Mo’s headset without delay.

“Change this question immediately, you mustn’t ask this!”

Before, Xu Yang specifically mentioned not to ask Xicheng about family issues. Ning Xiaofei also asked Zhou Tao about Mu Tianye’s taboos and he only said one thing – “Don’t ask anything related to his childhood and mother.”

Therefore, on the script, Ning Xiaofei highlighted these tips in bold fonts.

Hearing Ning Xiaofei’s warning, Pei Ruoxi secretly curled her lips and flung them away.


This Ning Xiaofei, she’s just an insignificant newcomer, but dared to give her orders?


M’s corner: Pei Ruoxi can’t wait to die, is what she is. I hope she’d get a tongue-lashing on the spot!!

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