LLW – Chapter 151

Chapter 151: Storage space

Under the glow of the luminous pearl, a delicate fine crystal bead sparkled a little bit.

Barely approaching the bead, Feng Chuge felt the current in her meridian starting to boil.

The air around the luster of the glossy bead seemed to penetrate her internal organs, driving her whole person, from top to bottom at ease.

Not only Feng Chuge, even pretty boy Ye suddenly turned quiet, when he thought that caught sight of the bead.

Feng Chuge stopped on her tracks and stood still as she examined the bead.

Intuition was telling her that it was a good stuff!!

“That is the space pearl. The luster of it can not only improve people’s cultivation, but also functions as a storage space itself.” Yao Ye’s voice rang once more.

Feng Chuge’s brows rose.

“Storage space?’

“Little girl, your knowledge is really shallow. You haven’t even heard of storage spaces?”

Feng Chu was shell shocked.

She naturally has heard of storage spaces.

However, storage spaces on this continent have almost never been seen.

Their so-called existence only existed in legends.

“However, I advise you not lay a hand on it. The traps on this fifth floor are more than the previous ones.” Yao Ye continued.

Feng Chuge’s lips slowly arched up.

“Why shouldn’t I take it? This bead is obviously made for me. It must have seen that I have too much with me so this bead was prepared for me. Meatball, don’t you think so?”

Meatball glanced around apprehensively, then meowed twice as he looked up at Feng Chuge.

Yao Ye couldn’t see Meatball, but he could faintly sense his breath.

Hearing Meatball caterwauling, his cold lips lit up in amusement.

This girl, along with her cat, are really interesting.


Fifth floor.

Feng Chuge set aside everything she has in hand and took light steps forward.

This bead, she must get it!

She leaped into the air and released a protective shield around her body.

Her skills were particularly agile as if she turned two heads and charged straight ahead.

“Hu Hu –” A stronger current seemed to be heading her way and its power was clearly felt. However, the closer Feng Chuge got to the bead, the thinner the air blowing.

Suddenly, her ears caught a movement.

Sensing this, Feng Chuge flew instantly.

This time, it was a barrage of arrows, but knife-like weapons with blades shining with incomparable sharpness.

A rain of knives were shot directly towards Feng Chuge from all directions.

Along with the fired concealed weapons, Feng Chuge, who was wrapped around an ice-blue barrier, flew and flipped over up and down.

The luminous pearl with her glowed, shining around Feng Chuge, who seemed to be dancing in the air.

Suddenly, a hidden dagger deviated from the formation and swept towards her.

As Feng Chuge was entangled with the shower of daggers, she failed to notice it.

“Whizz—” The dagger hailed across her ear and the only jade hairpin on her hair was struck.

The blue silk tying her hair was scattered all over. Feng Chuge bit her lips, knowing that evading the weapons was no longer rational.

Her eyes narrowed into slits. In the darkness, her originally ice-blue glow suddenly brightened and a faint white light emerged.

White light! The surroundings came to a stand still again!

In that same instant, the entire demon tower, from the eighteenth floor, down to the first floor, shook….

“This…this…” Yao Ye, who was leaning against a wall, narrowed his eyes and squinted up trying to make out what’s going on. Upon seeing the light, he came to realize something and his red eyes widened in disbelief!

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