SWPF – Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Are you my third aunt?

To meet her future in-laws, Lu Xingzhi is still somewhat nervous.

It is totally different from meeting Huo Qiyuan. When they went to see the old man, she had no such pressure.

Forget it, just treat it as the ugly wife wanting to see her in-laws.

She wore a white shirt dress today, with a belt on her waist, pinching her already A4 paper-like waist, her skirt up to her ankles and a pair of identical sandals on her feet.

When Huo Jinchen saw her coming out of the room, he smiled unconsciously.

The moment they arrived at the old house again, Lu Xingzhi saw more of Huo Jinchen’s family members.

“This is my father, my mother, and then, this is my big brother Huo Jintong and his wife, Zheng Xinyan. My second brother Huo Jinshen and my sister-in-law, Chen Nianxi. And my younger brother, Huo Jinyan.” Huo Jinchen introduced one by one to Lu Xingzhi.

“Uncle, aunt, big brother, sister-in-law, second brother, sister-in-law…” When Luo Xingzhi came to Huo Jinyan, she suddenly stopped and looked at Huo Jinchen, for a moment, didn’t know how to call him.

He’s older than herself.

And also sighed in her heart. This Huo family is really a big family!

“Sister-in-law, just call me Jinyan.” Huo Jinyan said with a a chuckle.

“Jinyan.” Lu Xingzhi obeyed.

Huo Zhihang simply greeted Lu Xingzhi and said nothing more. His requirement for his daughter-in-law is very simple, that is she should be innocent.

As for Wen Ruxue, she just said: “I heard from Jinchen that you has just turned 18 not long ago?’

Lu Xingzhi nodded honestly, “That’s right.”

“It’s good if you’re already an adult.” Wen Ruxue, as her name implies, is generally aloof.

However, Lu Xingzhi sensed no malice from her.

They may not be satisfied with herself, but they are not relatively hostile.

This couple isn’t much of a talker as pointed out by Huo Jinchen last night.

Now that she has met them, Lu Xingzhi concluded that talent and appearance is indeed hereditary.

Huo Jinchen’s parents are really a beautiful pair.

One is a soldier and the other is a military doctor. They’re just the perfect fit.

Huo Jintong and Huo Jinshen are twins, but aren’t identical.

Huo Jintong followed in their father’s and is now a lieutenant colonel.

He is as tall as Huo Zhihang and looks a bit strict. His face looks rough and his skin is a little darker than his brothers.

However, it affected none of his beauty at all.

Like him, her second brother-in-law is also a soldier.

However, Huo Jinshen is an excellent surgeon.

His character leans on the chilly side, but Chen Nianxi is his complete opposite. She’s very lively.

She’s a pastry chef and is awfully renowned for it.

It was said that she first met Huo Jinshen when he was indisposed because of a broken leg from a fall. Gradually, she fell in love with him, and later, sent him her own handmade desserts everyday.

In the end, the man was taken down.

As for Huo Jinyan, Lu Xingzhi actually knew of him long before she came to the Huo’s. At a young age, he has won the best actor award in the entertainment industry.

Then, followed by a string of scandals.

He changed girlfriends one after another.

It is said that the number of girls he has dated could set up a table of mahjong.

Not as players, but the tiles of mahjong on the table.

Before dinner, a little boy of about three years old came running from outside.

He caught a glimpse of Lu Xingzhi and ran towards her, then hugged her thighs. Staring up at her with wide bright eyes, he softly whispered: “Are you my third aunt?”

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