TOCH – Chapter 349

Chapter 349: Stay tonight, will you?

Fang Chixia was speechless at this unexpected violent reaction.

So proud!

“Go, take a shower!” She lifted Tuantuan up and gave it a stare before carrying it upstairs.


After Luo Yibei sent Fang Chixia home, he drove directly to the airport.

The family ties between the Su and the Luo was established during Luo Enqi’s generation.

Luo Enqi and Su Ran’s grandfather have very good brotherly relationship, which was established in their earlier years, when they were still fighting for their respective family causes.

At that time, the family businesses of Luo Jia and Su Jia were not as wide-scale as now and both have encountered countless difficulties during their development process. The two had merged before and fought side by side. As comrades, their friendship is deep.

Su Jia is like the other half of the Luo Jia.

Su Jia lived int eh country in the earlier years, but after the development of their family business, Su Ran had settled abroad a few years after she was born.

Su Jia’s business in recent years has also developed in China. Their family members would occasionally need to return to China. Su Ran’s return this time to China, Luo Yibei guessed that it should be related to Su’s family business.

Su Jia is a big family and is prominent both in the country and in Europe. However, this generation has only two daughters, one is Su Ran, and the other is….

Luo Yibei’s thoughts were interrupted by Su Ran enthusiastic call: “Yibei, you’re here!”

Luo Yibei pulled himself together and strode towards her: “Has your accommodation been arranged?”

“I’ll go home and stay there.” Su Ran smiled in answer.

“Then, I’ll send you there.” Luo Yibei walked in front and led her away from the airport.

Because of their occasional return, the Su family has its own home in China, but usually no one lives there.

After Luo Yibei sent her home, he turned to leave immediately, but Su Ran stopped him: “Are you in a hurry?”

Luo Yibei’s eyes slightly flickered as he stared blankly at her.

“If not, would you just stay and talk to me?” Su Ran added.

Fang Chixia’s face flashed before Luo Yibei and hesitated, but then recalling her indifference, he waved the worry away.

“Okay.” He stopped, turned and walked back to her.


After taking a shower with Tuantuan, Fang Chixia sat with him on the hanging chair of the villa’s open-air balcony, her fingers stroking his fur back and forth while swaying on the chair. She spent the time alone seemed lost.

The cold breeze in the balcony was fresh and the remaining smell of alcohol on her was blown away.

When Fang Chixia came back, she was feeling a bit dizzy, the more she sat on the balcony, the more sober she became.

She glanced at her phone from time to time then later took it and stared at the zero dial. She can’t help but stare at the direction of the door.

It’s quiet outside, and since Luo Yibei left, no other sound rang around, not even the sound of his car coming back.

Fang Chixia suddenly felt being ironic.

He went out to date, what was she waiting for here?

It seems like she’s complaining.

Fang Chixia cleared her mind and pushed Luo Yibei at the back of her mind. Holding Tuantuan, she hummed: “A person’s loneliness, a person’s life, all roads, a person walks, all the sorrows, a person bears. The starlight in the sky, quietly scatter, who can tell who I miss, who can understand my mind?”

Humming, she suddenly stopped the tune.

What is going on with her?

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  1. Sometimes I don’t really understand Lou Yebei’s feelings towards Fang Chixia ….:( 😦 😦
    Thanks for the update morex5 chapter please _M_ 🙂


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