SWDP – Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Three seconds of tears

Never did she expect…

She would use her trust in her, visit her when she was working part-time in that bar, took some ambiguous photos from different angles, planted those branded bags in her room, used them as evidence and went confessing to Gu Chenyi in tears.

“Mu Grandma has never forced Xiao Huan to do anything. Xiao Huan’s grandmother is totally fine and now being treated in the best hospital in the city!”

“Xiao Huan wanted to borrow money from you not because she was forced to leave with her grandmother, but because she wanted to travel abroad to have fun!”

“When Xiao Huan is not dating you, she lies and goes to a bar…”

“But Xiao Huan didn’t want to be such a girl. Because she lost her mother from a young age, she has no sense of security so she is greedy for money. Whenever she has no money, she’d always be anxious so she’d go to the bar to serve wine…”

“I am Xiao Huan’s best friend. If don’t help her conceal these to you, what would happen to her?’

“Chenyi, don’t treat Xiao Huan badly. Xiao Huan did approach you just for money, but she really liked you later!”

“Don’t do this, Xiao Huan! I’m saying it for your own good! I don’t want you to go farther and farther down this bad road. You are my best friend and I can’t just watch you ruin your life!”

She never knew that she was such an actress.

It was also Lin Qingya who gave her grandmother the idea to have something to blackmail her with, to prevent her from biting back after her to Bao Junyan, reminding her grandmother of giving her a Y, leaving such evidence to suppress her.

No one has ever hurt her as much as Lin Qingya’s betrayal, letting her once doubt life, suspecting everyone, and could no longer trust other people.

“Park.” Mu Huan suddenly ordered.

After the driver stopped, Mu Huan got off and walked to Lin Qingya.

“Xiao Huan!” Lin Qingya saw her and exclaimed happily.

“Lin Qingya, Gu Chenyi is not here so there’s no need for you to keep pretending. It would make me unable to restrain myself from beating you!” For Mu Huan with such combat skills and the ability to beat someone without talking nonsense, her instincts would urge her to dispose of someone she strongly dislikes.

The grin that was forcibly plastered on Lin Qingya’s face disappeared bit by bit. “Xiao Huan, don’t do this to me, we are best friends!”

“Don’t insult the word bestfriend!” Mu Huan retorted in disgust. Before Lin Qingya could say anything, she followed: “I got off the car just to tell you. If you want to chasae Gu Chenyi, don’t stage such a drama in the future. Stay away from me. I’ve written off everything in the past. But if you provoke me again, you’ll be my enemy! You should know how hard I am to my enemies!”

After the incident, Mu Huan never retaliated against Lin Qingya nor even ruined her, because she had risked stealing food for her when she was on the verge of dying due to hunger. And when she was discovered, she was beaten with her.

Just because of this, she has been escaping her betrayal, never once thinking of getting even with her and just wanted her never to appear before her.

When they appeared at the mall, she thought she’d immediately leave and get away from them.

But then, she realized that this would not work. Escaping isn’t going to solve anything considering that school is about to start soon. They belong to the same department and they’ll frequently see each other in the future.

Then they should just settle everything in the past! They’ll be strangers in the future, as long as she doesn’t mess with her!

Lin Qingya also does not want keeping being friends with Mu Huan, but she is married to a rich man! And now, that rich man is so into her!

Above all, if she breaks things up with Mu Huan, she won’t be able to provoke her in the future. She can’t let Gu Chenyi completely get rid of his feelings and have no opportunity to get Gu Chenyi for herself.

She stared at Mu Huan and then cried three seconds of tears, weeping in despair.

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