SWDP – Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Jealousy makes people ugly.

“Are you still angry?”Lin Qingya asked softly.

At the mention of Mu Huan, the pain in Gu Chenyi’s heart is even more unbearable: “How can she be such a person…”

He could only repeat the same remark for Mu Huan over and over again because he couldn’t accept it. He couldnt’ accept the fact that he had liked a girl like her.

“You can’t blame Xiao Huan…” Lin Qingya would never say anything good to Mu Huan, but in front of Gu Chenyi, she must shower her enough good words. So, everytime, she would say they can’t blame Mu Huan.

“Don’t blame her, then blame who? There are so many people in the world who have lost their mothers and had stepmothers. Why is it that others haven’t gone astray, but she did? Whatever she wanted, she could have told me directly! I could give her those! Why did she have to lie to me, why did she have to do that?” Gu Chenyi was born with a golden spoon. From an early age, he has had many friends who befriended him for money, so he finds it intolerable for anyone to approach him for money.

“If she told you directly that she wanted those, would you have liked her? She was also forced to do that, Chenyi…”

When Lin Qingya’s words were not finished, they were interrupted by Gu Chenyi.

“Enough, don’t say any good things for her, I don’t want to hear anything about her again! I am leaving!” Gu Chenyi barked and strode away.

This time, Lin Qingya did not catch up, because with Gu Chenyi’s mood right now, if she stays with him longer, he’d only hate her.

Although she was very upset, Gu Chenyi left in anger because of Mu Huan. The thought of him hating Mu Huan improved her mood.

As she was leaving, she saw some people who coming in and carrying Mu Huan’s so many shopping bags into a car. They loaded everything into the car.

Then Mu Huan sat in another.

The cars are all luxury cars!

It turned her jealous eyes red!

She thinks God is too unfair!

From an early age, Mu Huan has always been favored!

They have lived together with the Mu Family. But Mu Huan was the grand young lady of the Mu family, while she was only the daughter of the cook. Later on, when she finally lost her mother, she was bullied by her stepmother. That period of time, she was even more pitiful than her. She was so pitiful, but that didn’t last long either because before long, she was taken away by her grandmother and enjoyed the protection from her grandmother.

While she got a stepfather, and was abused by her stepfather.

She worked very hard and passed brilliantly into a good high school, then university. Mu Huan, who couldn’t study and had to work all day, however surpassed her. She likes Gu Chenyi so much, but Gu Chenyi never spares her even a glance. Mu Huan disregarded Gu Chenyi, but he still followed behind her, going all out to please her. He lowered his status just to woo her.

She thought that Mu Huan must be miserable after getting married to an old man of almost 30 years of age and that she would never be able to lift her face again. However, Mu Kexin told her that that man is neither old nor ugly, but instead very handsome and even encourages Mu Huan to go on a crazy shopping spree!

Unfair! God is so unfair!

The car passed by Lin Qingya. Mu Huan looked through the window and saw Lin Qingya.
The car passed by Lin Qingya.

She felt this inexplicable sadness in her heart.

The two of them grew up together. When she was a child, she was spoiled. Whatever she had, she would always share it with Lin Qingya. Later, when her mother passed away, her stepmother entered the door and abused her. Her stepmother deprived her of her meals, but Lin Qingya would take risks in secretly taking some food from the kitchen and gave it to her. For her, she always thought they were the best of friends.

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