LLW – Chapter 149

Chapter 149: the existence of the curse

By the time he was caught and locked in the tower, he had already been sealed.

There is an invisible spell at the entrance of the demon tower. Once he approaches, he’ll bounce back.

If it wasn’t for that seal, why would he wait in the tower until now?

“How can I get you out? I will take you away…” Feng Chuge offered.

He’s a really pitiful devil!

She couldn’t help but imagine Yao Ye being abandoned by his family just because of his strange eyes and was declared a monster.

If this was the case, then his experience and the story of the body Feng Chuge has possessed are quite similar.

In the same manner, the original Feng Chuge was abandoned by her whole family because she couldn’t amass any spiritual power.

Thinking about it, Feng Chuge’s sympathy for Yao Ye surged further.

A flash obscured Yao Ye’s eyes. He was silenced for a long time before raising his head and sneered: “Stupid woman, who wants you to save me! Now, just let me go.”

“You don’t have to be so polite, young man.” Feng Chuge came to Yao Ye and looked down at him. “Don’t worry, I’ll save you under a condition, so you don’t have to embarrassed about it.”

The devil’s lips are twitchy.

He just thought that this girl was bold. He intentionally planned on playing with her as he found her intersting. He never thought that not only was she bold, she also completely cheeky!!

Yao Ye opened his mouth to retort, but Feng Chuge came to him, hoisted him up and flew to the ground floor of the demon tower.

Her strength is great, plus Yao Ye is on the slender side. It only took a moment of effort and she carried her to the first floor.

As they approached the iron doors of the demon tower, a violent golden light suddenly struck Yao Ye and they were forced back, even Feng Cuge stumbled and almost collapsed to the ground.

“What’s going on?” Feng Chuge was astonished.

Yao Ye grunted and a trace of curvature formed on his thin lip: “I told you that I couldn’t get out. I have a curse on my body. Only when I crack the spell can I get out.”


“You don’t know?” Yao Ye looked at Feng Chuge with some contempt. “On this continent, there are refining pharmacists and charmers.”

A curse?

Feng Chuge has never heard of the existence of a charmer before.

Yao Ye squinted and his enchanting face revealed an agonizing bitterness: “A charmer is a rarer existence than a refining pharmacist. The seal on me was cast by an advanced charmer that time. So, if you want to get rid of this seal, you must at least have an advanced charmer.”

With that said, Yao Ye looked at Feng Chuge again, his red eyes glowing with annoyance: “Stinky girl, you are now at your wit’s end, aren’t you?”

Feng Chuge’s brows furrowed lightly. After a while, she avowed: “Since I said that I want to save you, I will definitely think of the way to save you. Little Yao, just you wait, I’ll save you. No!”

After that, Feng Chuge fished another bottle and tossed it to Yao Ye, “antidote.”

Feng Chuge thought of something else and a strange arc appeared on her lips: “Isn’t there an iconic stuff on the fifth floor of the tower?”

“There are stored treasures on each floor of the tower. The higher you go up, the better the treasures there are, but the harder you’ll get out. Anyway, there aren’t many who’d brave breaking into the tower. Some of the treasures of Yuntian College are stored here.”

The moment Yao Ye stopped talking, he saw Feng Chuge going up.

“Do you want to take treasures?”

“Naturally. Since I came in, of course, I can’t go out empty-handed.”

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