LLW – Chapter 148

Chapter 148: Shaking a beautiful teenager to the core

“You wont’ be polite? What do you think can you do now? Let me tell you, my poison, even ghosts can’t cure it!”

The young man in red looked even more infuriated at her claim.

Shame, what a shame!!

For so many years, though he’s been locked up here, he has never suffered a loss!!

More importantly, he lived up and down for so many years and no one has dared strip him down and tied him up like this….

Above and beyond, everything has been in the hands of a little girl….

“Stinky girl. Laozi is warning you one last time, let me go, otherwise, I….”

Feng Chuge lifted a brow: “You…. You… What are you going to do? If you’re so capable, break through the rope, then come at me! Also, I don’t think you are much older than me, how can you keep calling me “Stinky girl?”

“Who’s not much older than you? Stinky girl, Laozi can be your grandfather!”

Feng Chuge scoffed and stopped making too much of a fuss with him.

She wrapped her hands around her chest and looked at him. “Say, who are you? Why are you here? Also, I have no enmity with you, why bother me?”

The young man blinked:” For so many years, it is rare for a living person to break in. Of course, I have to have fun! Who knows, I’ll meet you….” The last few words, the man in red muttered, but Feng Chuge still heard it clearly.

“How many years have you been locked up here?”

The red man’s lips twitched and suddenly fell silent.

His red eyes dimmed slightly under the light.

Suddenly, he looked up and shot his mouth at Feng Chuge: “Stinky girl, it’s none of your business!!”

“Tsk… If you don’t want to tell me, forget it. I’m going out, I’m done playing with you. When I get up, I’ll be leaving.”

“Wait a minute — ” The young man behind her called out: “Untie me first!”

“You don’t answer my question, why should I untie you?”

The man in red was completely defeated.

At the moment, he doesn’t know what he’s been poisoned with, but he feels so weak.

If this girl is gone leaving him here, he’ll be completely done for….

The young man’s red eyes flashed: “Okay, I tell you. Give me the antidote and untie me.”

“Let’s talk.” Feng Chuge raised a brow and replied.

The young man’s red eyes dimmed once more: “I’m called Yao Ye. When I was born, they all said that I am a monster because of these red eyes. I don’t know how many years I’ve been locked up.”

For many years, he really doesn’t know…

Well, if he calculates it, it could have been hundred or thousands of years….

Yao Ye’s voice fluctuated for a moment.

His pair of eyes glowed, bright as blood, his beauty was uniquely thrilling.

His desolation made Feng Chuge frown.

She has always thought that she wouldn’t be convinced of any dog blood –

A good young man, when he was born differently, he was treated as a monster and was shut here.

After all these years, the tower remained in the dark. Without seeing the sun, of course, he couldn’t count the days.

“I know…” Feng Chuge sighed.

She can imagine how pitiful this young man too.

“What do you know?” Yao Ye looked up and stared at Feng Chuge.

“Do you want to go out?” Feng Chuge turned to look at him in the eye and asked.

“I can’t get out.” The desolation at the bottom of his eyes worsened.

If he could get out, why wait until now?

In this tower, perhaps the rest can enter and exit at will, of course, provided that he does not interfere.

However, he can’t….

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