EP – Chapter 173

Chapter 173: Good-looking and also handy

Xicheng frowned and looked at Ning Xiaofei, the corner of his eye noticed that the gauze wrapped around her hand was stained with red, the man’s eyebrows jumped.

“You’d better prove that this thing really has nothing to do with you!” Xicheng glanced at Mu Tianye standing behind her, and turned to around. “Xu Yang, help me prepare.”

“Excuse us!”

Xu Yang breathed a sigh of relief. Ning Xiaofei and others nodded and turned to chase.

Everybody’s heart finally loosened.

“Get ready for the intro right away!” Ji Mo directed everyone in the crowd and then bowed gratefully at Mu Tianye. “Mr. Mu, thank you.”

Mu Tianye did not give Ji Mo any good face at al. “You can’t even protect your own employees. You might as well resign!”

Ning Xiaofei hurriedly pulled him aside. “You go to the dressing room first, I will come over to you later.”

Ji Mo has already helped her out, and the scene was messy enough. She doesn’t want this master to break into another tantrum.

She first asked Zhang Yue to lead Mu Tianye to his dressing room and faced Ji Mo.

“Director Ji, don’t take it too seriously.”

“I’m fine!” Ji Mo smiled, and then took a medicine pack prepared by the doctor for him from the table on the side. “Go and treat your wounds, be careful not to get infected.”

Ning Xiaofei took it gratefully and thanked him. She quickly ran into the bathroom, removed the bandage that was stained from her hand, and bit down her pain and managed to re-wrap the wound.

Just now, she kept her hands hidden while asking Zhang Yue to attend to Mu Tianye. She was afraid that he would see her injury. Otherwise, that guy would go on a rampage again.

Opening the faucet and washing off the blood stains on her left hand, Ning Xiaofei fixed her hair stuck on her forehead.

Who exactly moved her file?

The door to the bathroom was pushed open and Pei Ruoxi came in. Ning Xiaofei quickly dumped the gauze on the sink and walked out of the bathroom.

The show was going to air soon and she has no time to fight with Pei Ruoxi.

After leaving the gauze and drugs in the kit, she hurried to Mu Tianye’s dressing room. Zhang Yue has already left. In the room, Zhou Tao was taking out a set of prepared clothes from a bag and handed them to Mu Tianye.

To save time, they rushed straight from the airport so there was no time to change his clothes.

She smiled brightly at the man and came forward to help him with his tie.

“I’ll get these back to the car.”

Zhou Tao took the initiative to exuse himself, leaving the young couple a time together.

“En, my husband is so handsome!” Ning Xiaofei tried to butter him up then asked worriedly: “After sitting on the plane for a long time, you must be tired, right…You haven’t had dinner yet, I’ve left a lunch box for you.”

“I have eaten.” Mu Tianye reached over her waist and pulled her onto his lap. “Don’t worry about me, do your own thing.”

“Alright!” Ning Xiaofei leaned against his shoulder and raised her left hand, gently caressing his short hair. “Oh, how could my husband’s head be so smart, not only is it good-looking but also handy. How come you knew it was released that night?”

Deep in her heart, of course, she’s grateful to him.

If he hadn’t been there in time, she still would have been caught in her confusion and was unable to come up with this alibi. Furthermore, even if she had thought of it, with her own identity, would others believe her?

Knowing that she was just sweet-talking, Mu Tianye was still amused. The corners of his lips swayed up and her fingers stroking him suddenly produced a strange throbbing.

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