SWPF – Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Does he like this type of girl?

Huo Jinchen bought a dozen pairs of shoes with Lu Xingzhi. After buying a few more bags for her, he finally stopped.

Even though Lu Xingzhi is distressed by the sum of money he has spene, she still couldn’t resist admiring herself wearing such nice dresses and shoes.

In the end, she’s still but a teenage girl, her whole countenance is bright with delight.

Lu Xingzhi only thought that Huo Jinchen must be treating her as a daughter. To say that Huo Jinchen likes her is in no way believable.

Or, Huo Jinchen’s hidden favorite pursuit as a wealthy man is simply shopping.

“I’m so tired! It’s already noon, let’s go have lunch and take a break.”


Huo Jinchen walked ahead of Lu Xingzhi, then suddenly, a mild-tempered woman dressed in a fashionable dress intercepted them.

“Third brother.” Chen Xinzi has caught a glimpse of Huo Jinchen in the distance and thought that her eyes were playing tricks on her.

Huo Jinchen would never go shopping with a girl. Furthermore, he is not only shopping, but also carrying several shopping bags.


Chen Xinzi has been accustomed to such indifference from Huo Jinchen. However, when her eyes fell on his hands holding Lu Xingzhi, her eyes couldn’t help but be infected with some grievances.

“She…Who’s this?” Chen Xinzhi’s purple face is ugly. She has never Huo Jinchen and a woman so close, and also holding hands.

“Lu Xingzhi, my fiancée. I thought you should know.” The meaning behind Huo Jinchen’s words was unmistakable.

“It turned out to be Miss Lu.” Chen Xinzhi forced an unnatural smile.

She examined Lu Xingzhi. Her skin is fair and smooth. Her facial features are delicate with a pair of prominent upturned eyes. A mole at the corner of her eye seems it could stir someone into pamper her for no reason at all.

Does he like this type of girl?

Huo Jinchen gave her no chance say anything more.

“Miss Chen, I’ll have to go for lunch with Zhi zhi. We’ll be going ahead.” Huo Jinchen nodded to her and left with Lu Xingzhi.

Looking at their backs, Chen Xinzi’s eyes reddened. She had already heard that Huo Jinchen brought back a fiancee, but, sje did not expect that he would like her.

They have been known each other for many years, but he still calls her Miss Chen. But he is now calling this Lu Xingzhi with and endearment, Zhi zhi.

“Uncle, does that beauty like you?” Lu Xingzhi cocked her head to the side, her eyes bright with interest.

“Beauty?” Huo Jinchen thinks otherwise. “Her name is Chen Xinzi. You shouldn’t pay attention to a person who is not important.”

“Oh!” She really doesn’t care.

“Let’s go eat! What do you want to eat?”

“I want to eat grilled fish.” Lu Xingzhi has just spotted a grilled fish restaurant. She likes fish the most.


When the two went home, they saw He Lianyi again.

Seeing the two return, He Lianyi’s eyes first fell on Lu Xingzhi.

His surprise is clear.

It’s true that clothes indeed can change a person’s appearance. When Lu Xingzhi dresses up, it’s really hard to tell that she’s just a village girl.

But soon, his surprise turned to disdain.

“Sure enough, when it’s not your own money, you’ll hardly think twice on spending as much as you want. What a cheek!”

Although he did not name her, Lu Xingzhi isn’t stupid enough not to know that he is referring to her.

“Dear fiance.” Lu Xingzhi suddenly hooked her around around Huo Jinchen’s arma nd raised her head to him mischievously. Her eyes sparkled like bright stars in a starry sky accompanied by a voice so sweet and soft, but with a trace of disgruntlement: ” Is it wrong for your fiancée to spend your money?”

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  1. Thank you for the chapter! Work it girl. You got set high spending expectations in the beginning. It is all about the precedent


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