LLW – Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Justifiable defense

” One….. Little girl, it seems that you’re destined to stay….” The deep voice was filled with unestimable excitement.

The red eyes locked in the direction of Feng Chuge at the moment and swept straight there.

His powerful momentum was carried with the current.


The sound of heavy objects hitting metal was especially striking in the dark tower.

At this point, Feng Chuge’s position was a narrow triangle.

Her opponent was relying on the scent of her breath to lock her in and was surprised when Feng Chuge actually dodged him.

Hearing the bang, he was stunned into place for a few seconds.

At the same moment, Feng Chuge’s zipped swiftly through the air and charged straight at him.

Still completely holding her breath.

All her moves depend on combat skills that have been acquired in modern times.

As the other’s attention was distracted, she leaned forward and grabbed him, flipped him over her shoulder and slammed the him into the ground.

This is a person!

The moment Feng Chuge came in contact with him, she finally determined this.

When he fell, Feng Chuge speedily fished out a powder bottle from her sleeves and sprinkled some on his red eyes….

“Ah…”A painful cry began.

It was not until this moment that Feng Chuge could breathe a sigh of relief.

She went to pick up the luminous pearl hurled a distance away and took a closer look at the figure on the ground, seeing a man in a red suit covering his eyes tightly.

The red sleeves obscured his whole face.

By the shade of his skin, Feng Chuge reckoned that this is just a young man.

The man shut his eyes tightly and roared from the ground. “Stinky girl, what have you done?”

The hoarseness of his face actually faded and rang with a few points of clarity.

“I was just defending myself!” Feng Chuge smirked and grinned. She gave him a once over and then stooped in front of him. Finally, she yanked off the man’s belt and tied him up.

When everything was done, she took a seat on the stairs not far away.

She was right, this is a teenager.

After Feng Chuge tied both of his hands, his face could be clearly seen with the brightness of the luminous pearl.

The man blushed.

His belt has been drawn and his wide shirt was slightly open, revealing a white chest.

His thick hair was scattered wildly.

Beneath the luminous pearl, the man’s face shone enchantingly.

His facial features were exquisitely carved and his jaded skin was so-pale and almost ghoulish, probably from non exposure to the sunlight for years around.

The bright glow of the luminous pearl covered him in a golden halo….

While examining his face, Feng Chuge couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

This man….

He’s too mesmerizing!!

Among those she has encountered, only Di Jue Chen could be comparable to him!

“Stinky woman, you’re a thug. How dare you do this to Laozi, Laozi will definitely not going to spare you!! Release Laozi this instant!!” The man in red sensed the direction where Feng Chuge’s was staring, realizing that his belt had been untied. Red spots actually creeped across that pale face, not knowing whether in anger or shyness.

Feng Chuge finally took her eyes off of him and smirked….

“Young man, at this young age, what had you dress up as God and play the devil?”

“Leave me alone!!” The man finally managed to open his eyes and glared at her: “Let me go, otherwise, I’ll not be polite to you!”

** Laozi – means “I, your father,” sometimes used in anger, or out of contempt) 

M’s corner: Feng Chuge has captured another eye candy… Seems Achen’s going to have another guy to sprinkle his vinegar jar soon, hahaha

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