SWPF – Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Feel free to spend my money

Lu Xingzhi was fascinated by Huo Jinchen’s voice that trembled like the deep sound of a guqin and the deep gentle look in his eyes.

She took the dress and changed into it.

Dressed in the elfin dress, Huo Jinchen couldn’t help, but once again fall under her spell.

This girl, he’d better raise her.

Sweeping a glance at her little white shoes, he decided to buy her a new pair.

“Send all these clothes to this address.” Huo Jinchen picked up a pen and wrote an address on the receipt and placed it on the checkout counter.

Then, naturally, held Lu Xingzhi’s hand.

After they went out, the shop assistant and cashier couldn’t help but gossip.

“My God, that man just now is so handsome. Male stars in the entertainment circle are not as good as his style!”

“Yes, that’s right. But the point is that he is so gentle! He pampers his fiancee too much.”

“That fiancée must have really saved the entire galaxy for having such a rich and peerless man!”

“But, both of them make an excellent pair! The smoothness of her face is quite alluring. And that mole at the corner of her eye, a bit of weak pretense from her, a man would certainly carve his heart out for her.”

Lu Xingzhi was unaware of the gossip going on behind her as her attention was fully captured by the big hand that was wrapped around hers. She raised a brow, but couldn’t say anything. Huo Jinchen must be treating her as a child again!

As her thoughts began to fly away, Huo Jinchen’s voice beside her ear rang: “Let’s go and see if there are other clothes you like in other shops.”

“No more. We have bought a lot already.” Lu Xingzhi shook her head again and again, knowing that those dresses would last a long time.

“That wasn’t much.” Huo Jinchen gave Lu Xingzhi no room for refusal and took her directly into the two other stores.

As she was reluctant to try on clothes any more, Huo Jinchen relied on his own eyes and let the shopping assistants wrap up clothes that he thought fits her well.

Lu Xingzhi looked at Huo Jinchen and wanted to say her piece but then hesitated. Having one or two hundred worth of clothes were more than enough for her. But they have already bought so many of these expensive clothes. She found it unbearable to spend a penny more.

“Is there something you want to say?”

“Uncle, don’t buy me any more clothes.”

Huo Jinchen pinched her small face that wrinkled into a bun, and promised: “Alright! Let’s not buy clothes, let’s go buy shoes.”

Hearing his agreement, Lu Xingzhi finally breathed a sigh of relief. But his next line, let Lu Xingzhi’s heart tremble again.

“Uncle, I have shoes. I really don’t want to buy any more.” Lu Xingzhi can’t really find the fun in this kind of shopping spree. Her heart hurts whenever she thinks about it.

“Look, the dress you are wearing now, don’t you find it unbecoming to pair it with sneakers?”

Lu Xingzhi could not refute Huo Jinchen. But then, he wouldn’t listen to her anyway. Then just let him break his jar.

“Aren’t you happy?” Huo Jinchen can clearly sense her bitter resentment and couldn’t resist chuckling.


“Then what’s with the pout?”

“I just feel my heart being pinched thinking at how much they cost.”

Huo Jinchen’s smile widened. “You haven’t married me yet, but you’re already hurting for me?”

“It’s not…” Lu Xingzhi blushed instantly, she does not mean this.

“I have the money. If you start to get distressed now, what if there is something even more valuable in the future, what then? Rest assured, we can afford it! Feel free to spend my money.” Huo Jinchen tweaked the tip of her nose and added.

“Okay!” Lu Xingzhi could only nod.

She’s unable to adapt to this kind of excessive spending just yet.

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