EP – Chapter 172

Chapter 172: I believe you!

Is his woman so easily slandered?!

“Oh…” Xicheng sneered and looked Mu Tianye in the eye with disdain: “Mu Tianye, I know that your words carry weight and are feared in the business world. But you heard me clearly, I’m not afraid of you!”

Mu Tianye also laughed and returned coldly.

“Beign recognized by Mr. Xicheng is really an honor. So, the both of you should make it clear…” The man’s tone turned particularly sharp as he turned the discussion back to his accusation: “Why did you call her thief?!”

“Mr. Mu…” Xu Yang naturally recognizes this legendary figure in City A’s business circle so he responded with more caution: “Well, we have found the IP address of the publisher of the original file and found that it was exactly where Miss Ning is. Miss Ning from the column group and Mr. Xicheng are the only ones who were in possession of the document.”

“Hump!” Xicheng snorted. “Now, do you still want to protect her?”

Mu Tianye looked at Ning Xiaofei, and saw her face full of frustration and grievances. She greeted his glance and gently shook her head.

“It really wasn’t me!”

The man nodded.

“I believe you!”

Those three words instantly warmed Ning Xiaofei’s heart.

He gave his trust without question. With the number of people in the hall… She’s afraid that there’s only one Mu Tianye.

Comforting her with a glance, Mu Tianye once again gave his attention back to Xicheng: “As far as I know, Mr. Xicheng’s song was exposed on Monday. According to this speculation, the document was released on Sunday night. Am I right? ”

Xicheng only gave him a perfunctory look and ignored him, but Xu Yang nodded. “Yes, the original post was released at 10:40 on Sunday.”

“As I expected.” Mu Tianye raised his palm and held down the dejected Ning Xiaofei. “I was selected as an outstanding entrepreneur of the city that night. That night, Xiaofei and I attended a dinner at the City Hall. When we left the venue, it was around eleven o’clock. That is to say, when the post was released, she and I, and the mayor, were drinking and chatting together.”

Mu Tianye waved his left hand: “Zhou Tao, call the mayor. Say that I’m asking him to come testify for Xiaofei.”

Despite his bland tone, it carried absolute majesty.

The more people listened to him, the more their fear of iim compounded — For Mr. Mayor to come please this man…… Is he crazy?!

“Assistant Zhou!” Ning Xiaofei was in cold sweats and hurriedly stopped Zhou Tao. “This thing need not bother the Mayor.”

Look for the police over there, the mayor over here… Can they still broadcast the show?!”

She pulled Mu Tianye aside and confronted Xicheng. She scowled at him and countered earnestly: “That night, I really didn’t come to the station. Many people were at the dinner party. Mr. Mayor and Secretary Gu can prove my presence there. I know that this matter makes you very angry. I can understand you targeting me. Although the document was not released by me, my involvement can’t be excused. I will take responsibility and cooperate with the police investigation and give you and Dishi a clear explanation. All the staff and your fans are waiting for your interview, just for the… can you finish the show?”

Xu Yang gently nudged sleeves indicating him quit while he is still ahead.

Ning Xiaofei has received a tongue-lashing and took the initiative to apologize. She’s taken the first step to give him face.



5 thoughts on “EP – Chapter 172”

  1. Thanks for the update!
    Like I said before, why would she sabotage her own show by doing something so stupid. Since she had the file for so long, if she really wanted to expose his song she would have done it from the moment she got the file, so why would she wait until now when the show is just about to debut to release it knowing that it would lead back to her since only she and Xicheng knew that she has the file. She would gain nothing by doing that.
    I get that Xicheng is angry because his hard work just went down the drain but behaving and lashing out at her without even analyzing everything properly is quite stupid of him.


  2. If Xicheng still not believed in her
    I would say he’s stupid .
    Pei Rouxie you bitch start counting your day soon you’re going to jail
    Thanks for the update ….:)


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