TOCH – Chapter 345

Chapter 345: If I can’t get married. You have to take responsibility for me.

Who that even with his arrival, Fang Chixia only chatted with Tong Yan and didn’t even spare him a glance.

Luo Yibei felt being seriously ignored.

The minute his heart was blocked, the devil in him began to wave it’s head.

With a glass of wine in one hand, he took sips now and again while staring at Fang Chixia up and down.

Looking at her reddish silhouette under the lights, he began planning how to toss her up after going back tonight.

Fang Chixia wasn’t affected by his presence at all and gave her whole attention to Tong Yan’s chatter regarding Ann.

Speaking of Tong Yan, Ann told her of a matter, but Tong Yan did not mention it.

She told her that a man at school called to invited Tong Yan out.

As a result, Qing Yafeng somehow caught wind of it.

Mr. Qing’s lavishing care for his daughter has always been notorious in C City. So that night, he led two men for the appointment in place of Tong Yan.

The man, who was simply trying to confess his love, after meeting Qing Yafeng, not knowing what exchanges happened between them, whenever he meets Tong Yan at school, he would always skirt around her.

Shi Jinyang who happened to be sitting next to the two, heard all of their exclamations.

Staring quietly at Tong Yan, his brows rose unconsciously.

When has this girl started being chased?

Shi Jinyang and Tong Yan has known each othe from the time she was still wearing diapers. They were too familiar with each other that her growing up, went unnoticed.

In Shi Jinyang’s memory, Tong Yan has always been a little girl who has yet to reach adulthood.

The night he was drugged, he found himself appreciating her beauty. But his ingrained impression of her remained unchanged.

Shi Jinyang stared at her in wonder.

So this girl can also be courted?

Shi Luo who was also sitting pretty close, heard Fang Chixia’s questions.

Looking at her with dismay, he shuddered: “The men of the Qing family are really scary! If any young master in the future falls in love with Yan Yan, wouldn’t he always keep his guard up from the danger of being driven away by Uncle Qing?”

Sweeping a glance at Qing Muchen there, he added: “By the way, there are still two petting older brothers. To win the Qing family’s daughter, he’s got to have enough courage first!”

His casual words spouted at will received a heavy sigh and a piercing look from Tong Yan: “Don’t say such an alarmist. Be careful or else when no one marries me, I’ll let your Shi family take responsibility of me!”

“Is that so?” Shi Luo smiled meaningfully and sat quietly saying nothing more.

Shi Jinyang heard their banter and suddenly inserted: “How do you want us to be responsible?”

His words fluttered by like a gentle breeze, bringing along hints of teasing.

Tong Yan clammed up. She stiffened and looked at him, wondering how to answer him.

Shi Jinyang looked at her askance.

Tong Yan grew up with him and she can see through him as well.

But, faced with such a question without warning, she couldn’t help but feel a bit unsettled.

She blinked as if nothing has happened and strayed away from the subject: “Xia xia, where were we?’

Luo Yibei who was sitting alone rubbed his temples with his fingertips.

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