SWPF – Chapter 16

Chapter 16: A total stunner

Lu Xingzhi could feel the heat staining her cheeks so she retreated hurriedly: “I’ll go and try on another one.”

In the fitting room, Lu Xingzhi took a deep breath before beginning to try the second piece of clothing.

The second pick was a bright yellow jumpsuit, which complemented her skin color perfectly well. Although it is skin tone sensitive, it is suitable for fair skinned women.

When Lu Xingzhi walked out of the dressing room, Huo Jinchen smiled as this outfit also suits Lu Xingzhi.

In the next minutes, Lu Xingzhi changed in and out of all the outfits given to her.

“Uncle, this is the last one.” It was a knitted with a rose-colored one-shoulder dress.

When Lu Xingzhi moved towards him, she minced her steps awkwardly.

She has never donned this kind of off-the-shoulder dress.

She couldn’t herself from pulling the strap up, but was stopped by the shop assistant: “Dear beauty, don’t pull it up. This dress is designed this way. Your fair skin and smooth shoulders doesn’t only fit you well, but it’s effect is just stunning as well. Otherwise, you can ask your fiance.”

Lu Xingzhi bit her lips and dared not look up at Huo Jinchen.

Fire burned hotly deep in Huo Jinchen’s eyes, while he stared at Lu Xingzhi.

It was a bit more mature that the previous dresses, but not old-fashioned. Her slim neck were exposed exquisitely shaping her delicate collarbones.

The skirt was some inches above her knees, displaying her slender legs.

Unbeknownst to her, he is fighting the desire flooding his whole being, not knowing that she is a total stunner.

This feminine charm would catch any man’s attention.

If she were to stand on a pair of high heels, it would be perfect.

Huo Jinchen muffled a cough behind a fist: “Zhi zhi, you’re really beautiful. This dress fits you perfectly.”

The blush on Lu Xingzhi’s cheeks burned brighter: “I’ll change into my clothes.”

“Except for the third and the fifth, wrap everything she has just tried on.” Huo Jinchen handed a black card, “Swipe it!”

The shop assistant’s eyes brightened, that is a dozen set of clothes.

That’s one enormous ticket!

She responded excitedly: “Please wait a moment.”

By the time Lu Xingzhi took the dress out, Huo Jinchen has already completed the checkout.

Seeing her back into her clothes, Huo Jinchen picked the first dress she tried on: “Change into this!”

“No, there’s no need to! I still have clothes to wear.” After trying the dresses on earlier, Lu Xingzhi forgot to take a peek at the price tags. She fished the tag of the dress she was holding.

And almost slipped down.

These clothes are too expensive.

The price tag consists of more than four digits.

There’s a couple also with five figures.

Don’t buy it.

“What should I do? I’ve already paid for everything except for two. Furthermore, these clothes can’t be returned once bought.” Huo Jinchen knowingly presented a distressed face.

“That…” Lu Xingzhi is in a tangle as she really has never worn such expensive clothes.

“Zhi zhi, do you like these clothes?” Huo Jinchen lured.

“I like them.” Lu Xingzhi honestly replied, “But they’re too expensive.”

“Your fiance has a lot of money. If you don’t spend it, are you going to leave it to other women?” Huo Jinchen twisted another way.

“You’ve bought too many.”

“If you like it, then that’s fine.” Huo Jinchen mussed her hair. “Be good, since we’ve bought them, don’t think too much of it. Go change into this dress first! Our family’s Zhi should be dressed up in beautiful clothes.”

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