LLW – Chapter 145

Chapter 145: Agreement

She’s never seen such cold eyes.

The chill penetrated her deep into her bowels and drove her breathless.

“Let me ask you again, Miss Rong. Are you being serious with what you said. Now, if you regret it, it’s not yet too late.”

In a flash, Rong Liang Meng turned ashen.

However, it was even more disgraceful to repent in the face of so many people.

“Yes! As long as you can drive away the evil spirits and reach the fifth floor of the demon tower, I will automatically withdraw from Yuntian College.”

This is an addition to their original deal.

Feng Chuge didn’t mind, just sneered, “Okay, it’s a deal. I hope you don’t regret it.”

Her clear and full of confidence consent rang like a foreboding of her fate in Rong Liang Meng’s ears. Her whole body was once again invaded by an imperceptible coldness.

Feng Chuge gifted her with another cold smile and turned around, heading to the demon tower behind her.

Her three maids made no move to stop her.

They knew very well that no one can stop their lady once she decided on something.

And, by virtue of their lady’s own strength, nothing should happen.

On the contrary, the group of people on the side watching Feng Chuge were once again on pins and needles.

“Xiao shimei would be fine right? She has displayed formidable strength over the last few days, not only as a senior spiritual master, but also in confidence. There’s certainly nothing that’s going to happen.”

“I hope so…”

Listening to the student’s affirmations, Rong Liang Meng suddenly regrets her impulse.

She collapsed where she stood and found it hard to breathe.

What is she going to do if Feng Chuge successfully comes out of the demon tower?

The open to the demon tower easily opened.

For years, no one in Yuntian College has dared to brave entering the demon tower so there were no safety measures taken outside the tower.

Feng Chuge entered the tower with no hindrance.

After passing through the iron gates of the demon tower, there was still sunlight peering inside.

It was only a little bright though.

Meatball, which is resting on Feng Chuge’s arms, suddenly became restless.

He was lying lazily just a moment ago, but now, he has stood straight with vigilance, a pair of twinkling blue eyes checking the surroundings out.

The moment Feng Chuge stepped into the tower, she sensed the current around her turning suddenly dense.

She really hasn’t taken entering the demon tower seriously.

Wicked beasts?

She doesn’t believe in them.

But with the suffocating air around, she treaded cautiously.

Meatball obviously was alarmed by the divergence in their environment….

“Boom -“

Behind her, the iron doors suddenly shut.

At the same time, the entire demon tower was suddenly plunged into darkness.

“Meow –” Seemingly aware of the presence of another entity, Meatball purred.

The pressure around them was dropping colder and colder.

Feng Chuge reached out and stroked Meatball’s fur.

Immediately from her waist pocket, she took out a luminous pearl.

She has always carried this pearl in case necessity calls for it, and now it does.

Her agreement with Rong Liang Meng was to reach the fifth floor of the demon tower and go out.

After moment of contemplation, she stilled herself from being fooled and continued to enter.

The higher she went, the denser the breath around her.

The only light in the entire tower was from the luminous pearl and from the pair of pale blue eyes of Meatball.

Of course, if one were to look closely, there appears to be a red beam of light between the floors of the 18-story tower.


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