LLW – Chapter 144

Chapter 144: Entering the demon tower!

Feng Chuge clapped her hands.

“Quick victory!”

The smile on her face blew everyone away.

They have never imagined their Xiao shimei to be this….

Isn’t her strength only a that of a senior spiritual master?

However, her battle with Qian Ba before, plus today’s events, if someone were to say that she is only a normal senior spiritual master, then he’s really stupid!!

Rong Liang Meng struggled a few times, but failed to straightened herself.

Noticing that Feng Chuge is about to leave, she panicked.

If she were to let Feng Chuge walk away just like that, her pains would really be worthless.

Moreover, if today’s business were to reach Yan Qing sister’s ears, she’ll surely be punished.

After all, it was her who instigated today’s incident.

Only to end up boosting Feng Chuge’s morale even higher.

“Feng Chuge, who knows whether it is just a coincidence? If you can enter this demon tower and walk out again, I will believe that you are not a waste!” A sinister gleam flickered across Rong Liang Meng’s eyes as she finally added.

Feng Chuge could only scoff at her remarks: “If you think that I am a waste, then that’s good. Girl, I really can’t play with you!”

Feng Chuge turned to leave.

Rong Liang Meng was ruffled: “Feng Chuge, I say you’re a piece of crap. Who knows if you’re hiding a treasure or it was just a coincidence! Hahaha… What, you’re backing off now? Waste! The you now is no different from ten years ago.”

The demon tower has 18-storeys all together. It was also rumored that a beast has been suppressed at the top floor of the tower.

Of course, this is just a hearsay.

However, no one has ever dared to break into the demon tower, especially those below Class 4.

With this in mind, some tried to dissuade her.

“Xiao shimei, this pagoda is not a simple place, don’t go.”

“That’s right, Xiao shimei. Although you are a senior spiritual master, this strength is still not enough. If you just go rushing in, I’m afraid you’ll get into an accident.”

“On top of that, I heard that a beast has been held captive at the top of the tower. Xiao shimei, it’s really dangerous inside.”

Feng Chuge raised a brow, listening to their comments.

Rong Liang Meng only thought that Feng Chuge was now afraid. She continued: “Hey, I say you would never dare. If you really go in, then I, Rong Liang Meng, will completely withdraw from Yuntian College!!”

“Hmm?” Feng Chuge wasn’t really looking into pursuing Rong Liang Meng and provocation never truly works for her.

It’s just….

Going in and Rong Liang Meng quitting Yuntian College, this condition sounds fun.

Her brows arched slightly and turned around to give her full attention to her.

Her red lips swayed up enchantingly, but the chill behind her eyes couldn’t be concealed.

A sound reverberated loud and clear —

“Okay, I’ll go in….

Her agreement stupefied her listeners.

“Xiao Shimei… You shouldn’t!”

She glanced at the people who continuously deterred her: “I’ll just go and have a look and come out quickly.”

After that, she turned her attention back to Rong Liang Meng with a smile that was even more profound: “But….I hope that you’ll automatically withdraw from Yuntian College, just as you promised earlier!”

Rong Liang Meng was winded at Feng Chuge’s icy eyes,which seemed to pierce through skin to her marrows.

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