SWPF – Chapter 15

Chapter 15: You’re too skinny

Huo Jinchen had already given Lu Xingzhi a card. He is always at work and could not accompany her all the time.

Luo Xingzhi mearely glanced at Zhuo Yixiang meaningfully and blurted: “I couldn’t go out!”

“What? Is there anyone who won’t let you out?” Huo Jinchen glanced at Zhuo Yixiang and issued a warning: “Lu Xingzhi is the hostess of this family. Whatever she says is the equivalent to mine. If anyone gets mad at her, don’t blame me for being rude.”

With that said, Huo Jinchen clipped some vegetables for Lu Xingzhi and added softly: “Eat a little more, you’re too skinny.”

“I can eat by myself.” Lu Xingzhi pinched her own cheeks, which were still fleshy.

Hou Jinchen noticed her move and chuckled with amusement deep in his eyes.

He then said: “Tomorrow is Saturday, I’ll take you around. Is there a place you want to visit?”

“You arrange it!” “

“Okay. “

The next day, after breakfast, Huo Jinchen directly brought Lu Xingzhi to a shopping plaza.

“Are we going shopping?” Lu Xingzhi is very surprised. No matter how she looks, he doesn’t have the making of a man who would go shopping.

Aren’t people like him only wear customized items?

“You don’t like it?” Huo Jinchen may not have accompanied women, but he knows that women generally like to shop.

“No, that’s not it.”

Lu Xingzhi walked to the front door of a clothing store, looking at a pink dress displayed through the glass window. It was a sweet girlish style. The skirt was double-layered with the muslin fluttering enchantingly.

She peeked at it only for a few seconds and turned to leave, but Huo Jinchen caught her hand.

Lu Xingzhi looked back at him with eyes puzzled.

“Let’s take a look at this store.”

“Welcome, beautiful, you can try on anything you like!” A shop assistant saw them coming in and smiled in greeting.

“Take down that pink dress on display and let my fiancee try it on!” Huo Jinchen ordered without ado.

The shop assistant gave Lu Xingzhi a once over: “Sure, madam. You should wear a smaller size! I’ll bring one to you right away.”

She fetched the dress and Hou Jinchen took it and handed it to Lu Xingzhi: “Go and try it on!”

Lu Xingzhi was a bit conflicted, but still proceeded to the fitting room.

Huo Jinchen turned to the shop assistant: “Take out all your new dresses for young girls.”

When it comes to young girls, he still has some moments of discomfort.

He originally wanted to say young ladies.

“No problem.” The shop assistant nodded with enthusiasm.

When Lu Xingzhi came out from the fitting room, Huo Jinchen’s eyes lit up.

He has known earlier that his fiancee’s appearance is outstanding. She just doesn’t dress herself up.

With her milky skin, the pink dress she’s wearing at the moment presented a sweet and fresh look.

Lu Xingzhi felt weird on her dress and tried to smoothen the skirt awkwardly. She whispered expectantly: “Uncle, does it look good?”

“Lovely, you look pretty.” Huo Jinchen gave a definite answer.

Lu Xing smiled shyly with her eyebrows bent, and the mole at the corner of her eye became more and more pleasing.

“Try all these clothes on!” Huo Jinchen pointed at the dresses on the sofa, where all the shop assistant’s selection piled up for her.

“No… no need!” That’s too much.

Huo Yuchen walked over and tucked strands of hair that got stuck on her cheeks behind her ears. Then with a husky voice asserted: “It doesn’t matter in anyway, just try them on!”

Standing closely together, Huo Jinchen persuaded vaguely maintaining a gentleman’s elegance.

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