LLW – Chapter 143

Chapter 143: Scared silly?!

Without any foreboding, Rong Liang Meng charged forward.

A bright white light emerged surrounding her whole body, which shot straight at Feng Chuge.

“It turned out that Rong shimei is at the peak of a senior spiritual master, and she’s close to advancing to the next level.”

“No wonder she wants to challenge our Xiao shimei… Being at the peak is a far cry from the strength of an average senior spiritual master.”

At the sight of Rong Liang Meng’s momentum, other people couldn’t resist commenting.

At the same time, someone discovered an oddity from Feng Chuge and exclaimed: “Hey, Xiao shimei seems not ready for the attack! How could she just stand still there?”

That’s right, at this moment, Feng Chuge in her blue dress is quietly standing still and allowing Rong Liang Meng’s momentum to mess her hair.

Her hair fluttered across her delicate face messily, but no one noticed a strange flicker in Feng Chuge’s eyes.

“Oh no, Rong shimei is going to hit her soon, why is Xiao shimei unprepared yet!”

With no action from Feng Chuge, the spectators of the battle were already anxious for her.

Up mid-air, Rong Liang Meng also had a moment of doubt.

But it passed in a flash.

Her lips curled up coldly and assumed that Feng Chuge was scared silly.

Scared silly.

That’s good!

Very good!

So she can end Feng Chuge much worse!

Rong Liang Meng once again amassed more spiritual power, and amassed all force directly in the palm of her hand.

As she approached Feng Chuge, she struck straight at her face.

She’s going to ruin this delicate face!!

“Ah… don’t ah…” Someone in the crowd was screamed.

Rong Liang Meng’s intention was evident, but anyone with clear eyes could see it clearly.

This time, Rong Liang Meng really wants to completely ruin Feng Chuge!

The surrounding current passed across, and everyone stood in the same place, watching the battle on the field.

Yuntian College has rules. During a battle, unless someone concedes defeat, no one else can step in and intervene. Otherwise, it is against the rules of the college.

This is a serious violation to the college’s rules.

Being demoted to a lower class is a light punishment, and at worse, one could be expelled.

Under such circumstances, even when everyone is overwrought, no one dared to stop.

“Bang -” A loud blast resounded.

Some people even closed their eyes and dared not witness the tragedy.

They’ve already pictured the moment when that palm really hits Xiao shimei’s face. That dainty face will surely be wrecked with flesh and blood all around.

However, the anticipated wail from Feng Chuge that everyone has visualized never came. Instead, it was Rong Liang Meng they heard howling….

Just when Rong Liang Meng was about to hit Feng Chuge, a glint flared in a blink from her body and a stronger force was directly unleashed towards her.

With all her strength marshalled to attack Feng Chuge, coupled with Feng Chuge’s own powerful momentum, her offense backlashed and drove her bouncing back.

“Uhmph…” Her petite figure whizzed across the air and finally landed heavily in the distance.

The spectators watched this plot twist in disbelief.


How amazing!!

They thought Xiao Feng would eat a loss, but never imagined the fight to end this way….

In the distance, Rong Liang Meng groaned in pain.

She struggled to stand up from the ground, but felt a tearing pain from her legs…

Her legs… they’re brokent!!

Becoming aware of this fact, horror flooded Rong Liang Meng’s eyes.


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