EP – Chapter 170

Chapter 170: Pretending to be innocent, pretending to be poor, pretending to be worthy of admiration

“Hypocrite, despicable… Shameless!”

The last two words, Xicheng directly roared.

“Xiao Fei!”

Zhang Yue and a colleague together helped Ning Xiaofei from the ground, and Ji Mo stepped forward and blocked him in front of Ning Xiaofei.

“Mr. Xicheng, if Xiao Fei has offended you, as the general director, I apologize to you on her behalf. But…” His tone turned fierce, “Don’t you think it’s a little too much to treat a girl like this?”

“Excessive?” Xicheng sneered. “What about her? Sending my new song to the internet, and pretending to be innocent, isn’t that overkill?”

Hearing his declaration, Ji Mo was stunned and turned to look at Ning Xiaofei.

“Mr. Xicheng.” Ning Xiaofei came out from behind Ji Mo. “I don’t know if there is any misunderstanding in this matter or you’ve misheard it. But I really has nothing to do with it. If you don’t believe it, I can cooperate with the police to investigate, but I hope this will not affect your cooperation with us.”

“Ha…” Xicheng scoffed: “Cooperate? I would never work with people like you!”

The reason why he promised and broke his routine was because he felt sorry for her, and his recognition of Ning Xiaofei’s work. Now, she still wants him to participate in the show?

At Xicheng’s uncompromising stance, Ji Mo’s face was dyed with annoyance.

He comes when he wants, and walks away just the same. This kind of irresponsibility coincides with stars who can really do whatever they want.

He stepped forward on the verge of flaring up.

“Mr. Xicheng!” Ning Xiaofei blocked Ji Mo’s advance. “I have a clear conscience on the sample audio file!”

Has a clear conscience?

With no shame, until now, where did she get the gut to still play pretend and claim innocence?

He raised his right hand and pointed his index finger at Ning Xiaofei’s face.

“Okay, give me an explanation then. Why did the IP address of the release of my original demo from your TV station, and in your column group office?! Say, do you still have a clear conscience?”

“This…” Ning Xiaofei was also taken aback, “How could that be possible?”

She remembered very clearly that she had deleted the document that day. What happened?

Their audience was also in doubt. The leaking of Xicheng’s new song, everyone was aware of it. But, no one have ever thought that he would accuse Ning Xiaofei this fiercely.

Outside the crowd, a smirk dyed Pei Ruoxi’s face.

She’s been waiting a long time for this entertaining play.

“Director Ji!” A staff member squeezed into the crowd. “Are the audience already ready to enter?”

“Humph!” Not waiting for Ji Mo’s response, Xicheng huffed: “Xu Yang, let’s go!”

Seeing him intent on leaving, Ning Xiaofei rushed to him and pulled his arm: “I’m going to the police station right now, so can you stay and finish the show, alright?”

With the live broadcast already on the way, she just hopes that he’ll stay and all will be settled after the show.

Since the sample file was released from the TV station, she’s afraid that her involvement can’t be erased. Everyone’s hard work shouldn’t be spoiled just because of her.

“Enough!” Xicheng shook her hand off: “For the specific details, just go to the police station to explain it. Stop touching me with your dirty hands, because you make me sick!”

Ning Xiaofei rushed over to stop him even when he was roaring mad.

“How could you go back on your word! You know how long we have prepared for this program, how many meetings, how many extra shifts, and even Director Ji was hurt….These efforts, aren’t they worthy for your appreciation? “

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