TOCH – Chapter 343

Chapter 343: Don’t know how to treasure it.

Luo Yibei stood high on the stairs and moved his gaze along with her figure, watching her go down from the stairs. He wanted to follow her down, but his wrist was buckled by Sha Zhixing.

“What’s the matter?” He passed a glance at her, his tone cold as ever.

“Is there anything you have to say to the family?” Sha Zhixing asked generally, and merely insinuated.

“What does Mom mean?” Luo Yibei caught on quick, but made no response head-on. Instead, he sidestepped: “Right, is Baby coming back?”

“This guy!” Sha Zhixing glowered at him then continued on her way upstairs.

Luo Yibei’s lips twitched, then he too walked away nonchalantly.

Xiao Zuo, who was still playing sick on the sofa, has been sparing no effort just to let Fang Chixia stay for a longer time. He has not stopped his performance, that his throat was a bit dry now.

Fang Chixia was seriously speechless and so took several steps and sat beside him.

She played along and also acted casually: “I have been here for a few hours so it’s time for me to go back. Have a good rest. If you have any problems, feel free to call me anytime.”

She didn’t mean to stay for more than necessary. After that, she stood up again and turned to leave.

“You, you…” Xiao Zuo was frustrated. He pointed at her, but after several ‘you’s’, he only came out with: “You stupid woman!”

Xiao Zuo merely suspected that she has a relationship with Luo Yibei, but wasn’t sure how far the two have gone.

In his view, Luo Yibei’s agreement for her to stay in their house was a luxury that numerous women were craving for.

If she can seize the opportunity and do a fine job with the family, this would undoubtedly be equivalent to paving her way to enter the family.

He couldn’t believe she chose not to cherish such an opportunity!

Really stupid!

He has toiled for such a long time for nothing.

Fang Chixia was lost for words, but still, she stood up and then approached Luo Enqi.

“Grandpa, I’ll be going back first!” She bade goodbye politely and left the room.

Luo Yibei who was standing at the bottom of the staircase stiffened.

She’s leaving?

She only bade goodbye to his grandfather, what about him?

Fang Chixia came out of the house. The old man has sent two people to send her back, but she refused.

She booked a taxi, but before she could sit and tell the driver her address, Tong Yan called.

“Have you returned home?”

“Yes, I just arrived today.”

Tong Yan seemed in a bright mood as her voice couldn’t hide her joy. “Come out, I’ll wait for you at the Imperial City!”

Tong Yan seemed exhilarated, she screamed several times and listening to the background noise, the place seemed lively.

“Okay.” Fang Chixia thought about it. Both of them have returned home so a meeting among friends was quite normal. With her agreement, she hung up.

“Master, please take me to Imperial City.” She leaned forward and reported the address to the driver.

When she arrived at the club, he had just walked in and had yet to see the situation, when a loud ‘splash’ pierced her ears. Fang Chixia was met with brilliant colors before her eyes and retreated several steps trying to avoid it then stumbled.

She struggled to steady herself, but an arm caught her waist a step faster.

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