SWDP – Chapter 18

Mid-summer days are awfully hot and stifling.

So hot that Mu Huan thought she’d suffer from a heatstroke. After the work, she couldn’t wait to return to where Li Meng lives. She found the bathroom, stipped off her makeup, took off her wig and her fake belly wrapped in her clothes.

They tidied their props up and when the two were about leave, Li Meng glanced at the ice cream shop across the road. “The ice cream in that shop is super delicious, I want to buy one!”

“I’m going to eat two!” Mu Huan has just drank a whole bottle of iced water, but the heat has yet to ease.

After Li Meng went to buy ice cream, Mu Huan stood outside fanning her clothes in order to cool down. And in order to emphasize her fake belly without making the stuffing so obvious, she wore a loose, thick and long dress today. It’s no wonder how hot she was feeling.

“Why are you here?” A voice above her heaad broke her silence.

Mu Huan instinctively wanted to retort, why do you care about this sister’s goddamn business, but after becoming aware of whose voice it belonged to, she stopped fanning herself, slowly raised her face and the moment the handsome face pierced her eyes, she got petrified into taking several steps back.

Bao Junyan, “…”

His little wife’s reaction whenever she sees him would always render him feeling as if he was a vicious man.

Realizing that her reaction was quite questionable, Mu Huan strongly suppressed the panic in her heart, raised her face once more and strove to behave normally. She decided to redeem herself: “Husband, how come you are here? Didn’t you go to work today?’

Holy crap! That really wasn’t how she should react, but that’s exactly what she did. Blame it on his sudden appearance, it was an instinctive guilty response!

“I came to visit a branch office.”

“Oh, so husband’s branch office is near here!”


Mu Huan: “…”

She doesn’t know what else to say.

After a moment of silence.

“What are you doing here?” Bao Junyan returned to his original question.

“I… I… I am shopping! I am here to go shopping!”

“Are you alone?”

At this point, Li Meng just came out with three ice creams. But the moment she saw Bao Junyan, she too was scared stiff. She then hurriedly bowed her head low and pretended to be a stranger and walked away.

Catching a glimpse of Li Meng’s disappearing figure, Mu Huan lowered her head, “En.”

Bao Junyan looked at Mu Huan with her head down. Suddenly, he felt that this dress was quite familiar. It looks the same as that pregnant woman’s dress, old and cheap. Then he thought of his dressing room which was mostly occupied by his clothes. He frowned when he thought that Mu Huan’s clothes were barely visible.

Mu Huan sensed the sudden downturn on his mood, and was scared to look up.

He won’t see any problems, right? But, with her appearance right now, oh, he shouldn’t notice anything unusual!

Unable to stand the low pressure, Mu Huan plucked up the courage to ask what was wrong.

Bao Junyan answered: “Let’s go.”

“Ah?” Mu Huan asked sluggishly.

“Aren’t you going shopping?”

“Oh! Mmm! Shopping…I’m going shopping…” Mu Huan muttered and turned away in relief.

But then, Bao Junyan pulled her back.

Mu Huan’s heart missed a bit, “Husband…”

What did he hold her for! Didn’t he let her go shopping?

“Together.” Before marriage, they’ve only met once during the blind date. After marriage, they’ve only got along at night and have never been outside together. It is no wonder that she would be shocked whenever she sees him all of a sudden.

Bao Junyan really dislikes his young wife’s fear of him, so he decided that it was high time for them cultivate their feelings.

“Ah?” Mu Huan asked dumbly once more.

What did he mean? He’s going shopping with her?

Crap! By all means, this isn’t what she meant!

“I don’t have anything important to do this afternoon.”

Mu Huan: “…!!!”

The more you are afraid of something happening, the more it happens!

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