LLW – Chapter 142

Chapter 142: Wasting my time.

In order to make Feng Chuge lose face, Rong Liang Meng can be said to have put her best foot forward.

Right after classes, a crowd of onlookers gathered in and out of the demon tower at the test site.

Who doesn’t want to watch such a good play?

Moreover, the protagonist this time around is Feng Chuge, the most talked about in these past few days.

“Is this perfectly all right? How did Rong shimei from Class 6 end up competing with our Xiao shimei?”

“I don’t know, but the strength of these two people is quite the same. I’m really not sure if Xiao shimei will suffer.

“Have you forgotten? Didn’t Qian Ba fall into the hands of our Xiao shimei two days ago? Rong Shimei’s strength is not comparable to that of Qian Ba’s…”

With some people hitting the points, others nodded.

Feng Chuge finally arrived.

The moment she stepped into the site, the crowd looked in her direction simultaneously.

Although some has seen Feng Chuge before, they still couldn’t help but catch their breath.

Feng Chuge’s dresses have always been the simplest.

Her long hair flows freely behind her. Except for a white jade hairpin, she sports no other accessories. Her black long hair reveals a crystal luster and coupled with her pale blue dress, her presence was clean and simple.

Her pair of eyes were glittering with wave-like ripples, as if a mysterious deity that’s about to take flight.

As she drew nearer, the people on the edges paved a way.

Rong Liang Meng has arrived earlier and been waiting for Feng Chuge while sitting.

When Feng Chuge arrived, the sight of her incomparable assets drove Rong Liang Meng into gnashing her teeth.

She really isn’t reconciled.

Just how did Feng Chuge, who had once been driven out by her family and ridiculed by rest of the five major families, inspite of everything, now transformed into such a splendor.

Her beauty is second to none in the entire Yuntian College.

Rong Liang Meng gripped her fists tightly.

Her eyes narrowed into slits, but she forcibly took a deep breath to calm herself down

Up she went —

“I thought you weren’t coming.”

“Since we’ve come to an agreement, naturally I can’t eat my words.” Feng Chuge spared Rong Liang Meng a glance and continued. “When do we start?”

“Don’t be in such a hurry….Why, are you afraid of losing?” Rong Liang Meng sniggered.

Feng Chuge walked past Rong Liang Meng and stood on one side. “Hurry up, you’re wasting my time….”

Wasting her time??!!!

Rong Liang Meng was once again struck dumb.

She simply couldn’t figure out why Feng Chuge is confidently indifferently.

That tranquil aloof temperament is unbearably choking her from the bottom of her heart!

“Alright, Feng Chuge, since you’re so eager to start, then let’s start!” Rong Liang Meng turned her head to Feng Chuge who has already distanced herself, and shouted in fury!

Feng Chuge stood still, turned, and her red lips curved up ligthly: “You’ll get exactly what you’re looking for~~”

Best…as quick as possible…

The were in a narrow test site in Yuntian College, just in front of the “Demon tower,” which is in the center of Yuntian College.

At the foot of the tower, a group of people surrounding the area, looked at the center one by one with excitement.

Feng Chuge and Rong Liang Meng have already taken their positions.

Rong Liang Meng’s face was dark. The viciousneess in eyes could almost impale Feng Chuge, who was taking everything in stride.

Today, she must teach Feng Chuge a lesson!!

Cold flashed across her eyes. Rong Liang Meng slowly rallied the momentum of a senior spiritual master at her peak.

A senior spiritual master can’t be counted high-ranking in Yuntian College, but Rong Liang Meng’s image of Feng Chuge still remained stuck six years ago when she was kicked out as a waste.

She jerked her hands up and her body slowly rose, then she plunged towards Feng Chuge….

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