EP – Chapter 169

Chapter 169: Hypocrite, despicable… shameless

“Sir…. Sir, don’t be impulsive!”

Xu Yang stumbled around the staff in the corridor, turned into the way to the front desk. He raised his voice and stopped in front of Xicheng, but was ignored.

The man’s personality has always been recalcitrant and somewhat arbitrary. Not to mention how angry he is at the moment, where would he pull the rationale to be dissuaded.

Seeing Xicheng furiously rushing through, the staff in the corridor paved way in disbelief.

By the time they heard Xu Yang shouting, even the staff in the room were curious to see what was about, and many followed to the front desk to see what was going on.

At the moment, Ji Mo was arranging work for Ning Xiaofei some distance away from the stage.

First of all, he was a bit inconvenienced with the injury on his arm. Secondly, he wanted her to learn more. Ning Xiaofei listened attentively and would note something down from time to time.

The staff around were working tensely.

Check the lights, check the wiring, check various machine stereos…

Pei Ruoxi, who was already dressed up, was also on the stage practicing her own lines.


The door at the entrance to the guest rooms was kicked open and made a startling loud noise.

In an instant, everyone glanced at the entrance.

At the sight of Xicheng in walking purposely towards the stage in a fury, Ning Xiaofei and Ji Mo looked at each other in confusion.

It just so happened that the lighting engineer was testing the lights so the stage was brightly lit. Xicheng swept a glance at it, but saw no Ning Xiaofei.

Pei Ruoxi, who was closest to him, was the first to greet him.

“Mr. Xicheng, what’s the…”

“Get out!” Xicheng barely passed her a glance and fixed his gaze around the stage, “Ning Xiaofei, come out!”

By then, Ji Mo and Ning Xiaofei have run over and hearing her name, Ning Xiaofei into the stage.

“Mr. Xicheng.”

The light was reflected her face. In order to facilitate her work, she had already had her long hair styled. Her delicate face with a pair of eyes were crystal-clear under the lights.

Those pair of eye were pure as water in a stream.

Seeing her for a moment, Xicheng only felt as if hit with a heavy punch on the chest. It was very painful and almost made him breathless.

He believed her, believed her explanation, saw her plan and was moved by her questions. He thought she really liked his song, and so afterwards, he revealed a few of his secrets and included her in his sphere….

But what did she do?

She obviously sold him out, but still played the innocent in front of him.

Raising an arm, he grabbed her and shook her thin body in the air.

“Ning Xiaofei, I really misjudged you!”

“Mr. Xicheng!” Xu Yang rushed over. “Please don’t be impulsive… calm down!”

“Stop it!” Ji Mo also came forward. “If you have anything to complain, let go of her!”

Zhang Yue and several colleagues rushed over, just because they didn’t know what was going on, they looked at Ning Xiaofei with concern.

At this point, Ning Xiaofei is still confused.

“What the hell happened?!”

She can clearly see that the man is fuming. But his eyes are burning more of disappointment than anger.

He seemed saddened, bitter and totally disappointed!

On the way, Xicheng had thought of giving her a slap on the face.

Even when she’s a woman!

But now, suddenly, he found himself reluctant to do so.

His right hand on the side clenched tightly and because of excessive exertion, his knuckles made a cracking sound.

He shoved her away and then stared down at her, who plopped down on the ground.

“Hypocrite, despicable….shameless!”



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