SWPF – Chapter 13

Chapter 13: He Lianyi

“Thank you Grandpa.” Lu Xingzhi has never received such caring words for a long time. Huo Qiyuan made her feel moved.

In the past few years, she has lived alone. Although she has never suffered, but many times, she still misses her deceased relatives.

Back to Huo Jinchen’s villa, they just entered when they saw a strange man sitting on the sofa.

He was sporting messy pink short hair atop his delicate defined facial features. Two studs of earrings were shining on both ears. His top was a t-shirt boasting an exaggerated black skull paired with a pair of ripped jeans.

She seemed to have seen her somewhere.

When he saw Lu Xingzhi, He Lian Yi stood up from the sofa and looked at her without any disguise. “You are Lu Xingzhi? My third brother’s fiancee?”

“Xiao Yi!” Huo Jinchen bit the words heavily. “This is your third sister-in-law, Don’t be so rude.”

Lu Xingzhi couldn’t figure out who he is, but she could sense his hostility towards her.

The contempt in his eyes was very obvious.

Looking at Huo Jinchen in confusion, her pair of eyes clearly showing her ignorance of He Lian Yi’s identity.

“Don’t you know me?”

“You don’t even know me?” He Lianyi stared at Lu Xingzhi eccentrically, and raised his eyebrows. “Which mountain village did you come from?”

Lu Xingzhi was unaware of the source of his hostility, nor who he is, so she decided to directly head upstairs.

Huo Jinchen shot He Lian Yi a warning and then faced Lu Xingzhi: “He is He Lian Yi, my cousin. He has always been like this, so don’t put his words to heart.”

“Oh!” Lu Xingzhi nodded knowingly. He’s probably be outraged for his cousin! She wasn’t looking forward into getting in between them so she addressed Huo Jinchen: “Then I will go back to my room first.”

“Go ahead!”

In the hall, He Lian Yi asked seriously: “Third brother, do you really want to marry this Lu Xingzhi?”

“Of course, I do.” Huo Jinchen took a seat. “How did you suddenly come over here?”

“Are you going to blame me for worrying about you marrying a country bumpkin who nobody knows where she has come from?” He Lian Yi squinched at him, his eyes full of disdain.

“Xiao Yi!” Huo Jinchen’s admonished coldly, his voice turning thin as ice: “She has a marriage contract with me, she’s my fiancee.”

“But how could this Lu Xingzhi match you? It’s only just because of her grandfather who once saved granfather. It’s clear that you and Xinzi jie are the best match. she has always been…”

Before he could finish, Huo Jinchen stopped him.

“He Lianyi, there is one thing you have to figure out. No matter whether Lu Xingzhi is my fiancee or not, I’ll never like Chen Xinzi, let alone marry her. Say this again and I won’t welcome you in my home.”

Huo Jinchen’s eyes swept sharp as blades. The coldness in his eyes caused He Lianyi to tremble and feel as if his blood has solidified.

That’s right! How could he have forgotten. Huo Jinchen who was rated by outsiders as the perfect gentleman, modest and gentle as jade.

But his bones are stone-cold.

However, he still wants to say a few words in behalf of Chen Xinzi.

“Jin ge, Xinzi jie has loved you for years. For you…”

“That’s her business and has nothing to do with me.” Huo Jinchen’s attitude remained clear and unmoved. He stood up: “Go back! If you have no urgent matter in the future, don’t come to me.”

He Lianyi is also clear himself, he just wanted to win over Chen Xinzi.

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