SWDP – Chapter 17

Chapter 17:

Mu Huan’s means is to cause trouble, trouble that can plague that scumbag for life!

That scumbag has a respectable job. He is a manager of a large company. Because of this kind of work, his victims feel that he is absolutely no con man.

Mu Huan first exposed his married identity in the company he is working for, let the female staff in the company he was asssociated with find out that he was cheating, and then spend money to hire a few women to claim that they are the scum’s girlfriends. Everyone took turns looking for the man, giving rise to his scandals.

Adding pregnant women into the effects was even better, that soon, everyone in the company knew how much a vermin he is.

“Yang Feng, how could you do this to me! You said you wanted to marry me and wanted our children to have a warm home. To buy our house, I sold my own apartment and withdrew my parent’s insurance. I spent all my money to buy you a house, but now you don’t want me. You are also saying that the house is yourse. You are just forcing me to die!”

Mu Huan sobbed and ran towards the windows. The staff who were standing near were scared into action and rushed to block the windows.

“Don’t stop, let her jump!” Yang Feng thundered.

“Manager Yang, you are going too far!” A staff, who can’t stand idly by and watch any longer, exclaimed.

Once someone spoke out, another followed suit: “That’s right! Manager Yang, you are really too much!”

It’s already a shame being married and is engaged in an affair. He even lied to a young girl at home, claiming that he was unmarried, deceiving the woman body and mind, and if this woman’s belly isn’t big enough, he further robbed her off her money. What’s this if not forcing her to death!

This is seriously a swindler with no bottom liine!

“I didn’t lie to her, let alone get her pregnant!” Yang Feng claimed repeatedly, but no matter what he said, nobody believed him.

This is really driving him crazy!

Mu Huan bowed her head low and cried in despair: “I’ve never thought about being a mistress, nor destroying other people’s family. Since you have been married, you hurt me time and again. I’ll never stay with you. But you can not not return my house money to me. Oh, you, how can I and my child survive in the future!”

“What child, you bitch…” Yang Feng screamed as he sprinted forward, wanting to tear Mu Huan’s clothes off for them to see what was in her stomach.

Mu Huan screamed in fear and tried to hide among the crowd.

Bao Junyan who came to inspect the branch office was greeted by such a scened. He frowned: “What’s happening?”

A group of senior executives behind him were instantly covered in sweat. The head of the branch hurriedly approached an employee with shaking legs to ask what this drama is all about.

“Yes…is manager Yang, he…”

After listening to the overall situation, Bao Junyan glanced inside and happened to see Yang Feng fiercely grabbing a pregnant woman’s arm. His eyes cooled down a bit. Leave the company, he doesn’t need such an employee. He turned around and left.

He just moved a step out so his back was now facing Mu Huan, who skillfully squeezed Yang Feng’s wrist, who was then forced to release her.

Then in a low voice that only both of them could hear, threatened: “Return the money in three days. Otherwise, I’ll be the worst nightmare in your life!”

“You bitch! I’ll kill you!” Yang Feng roared furiously.

Mu Huan picked a brow in provocation. Come on! I’m right here, kill me if you can!

The moment the bastard lost his mind and made another move towards her, she immediately shrank in fear.

Upon seeing this, the crowd surrounded the man and tried to suppress him by force as his voice rang harsher and louder!

To deal with such shameless villain, surpass his shamelessness and play the better rogue!

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