EP – Chapter 168

Chapter 168: The man who betrayed him.

“Its….” Xu Yang muttered. “They only said… they’ve found the IP address. The specific person has not yet been named. Or else… should I ask again after recording the program?”

Xicheng looked at his side and Xu Yang averted his sight. Xu Yang’s expression has sold him out and Xicheng has already guessed that there was something fishing about it. His gaze dropped colder.

“It seems I know the man!”

If not, Xu Yang wouldn’t swallow it.

Xu Yang’s face couldn’t be painted. “Let’s finish this program first, okay?”

Xicheng glanced at him. “Don’t worry, I will finish this section and settle accounts with him!”

He was invited by Ning Xiaofei. Although he couldn’t wear to tear the guy into pieces, he didn’t want to smack Xiaofei’s desk.

Xu Yang once again hesitated: “No, this matter…”

Beside him, the man’s enchanting eyes once again greeted him as they fell on Xu Yang’s face, his eyes suddenly retracted.

“What are you being indecisive for?”

“Mr. Xicheng…”

“Do you want me to call and ask?”

Xu Yang watched his face carefully. “That… When you’re done listening, you must calm down a little. Maybe there is something hidden or misunderstood here…”

Xicheng’s patience has already been exhausted and he yelled at him in anger.


“I…I’ll say it!” Xu Yang sighed helplessly. “The original post was released on Sunday at 10:47. The IP address…is the address of the TV station. They checked the IP link and it has been confirmed that it is…” Xu Yang took a deep breath, “is the IP address of the Dialogue with God column.”

“You mean to say…” Halfway through, Xicheng’s back on the sofa straightened a bit. He slammed the bottle of water in his hand to the table and stood up. He kicked the tea table in front of him, and the person squeezed three characters out in between his teeth: “Ning Xiaofei?!”

“Sir!” Xu Yang rushed over and blocked his way. “Don’t be impulsive. They have only determined the IP address and this doesn’t conclude everything…. That this is what Miss Ning did….”

Despite Xu Yang’s persuasion of Xicheng, he himself has no confidence in this belief.

In fact, he was also aware at heart that she was the only person in the entire column who had a copy of the file. Coupled with the IP address traced here, everything points to Ning Xiaofei.

Xu Yang has been with Xicheng for many years. He has produced so many singles and albums. Apart from his sister, he has never personally sent anyone a copy. Even at the beginning, he still trusted Ning Xiaofei so much that he never doubted that it was her doing.

The person whom he has always believed and trusted, but turned out to be the one who betrayed him, how Xicheng, with his character, be able to withstand such a blow?

“Sir, I beg you, do this show and talk later, can you?”


Xicheng forcefully pushed Xu Yang aside. With all his strength, Xu Yang was directly shoved aside and fell to the ground. Xicheng spared him no glanced and marched over to open the door.

A staff member happened to pass by, and when he saw him coming out, he immediately stopped and greeted him politely.

“Mr. Xicheng, do you need anything?”

Xicheng asked calmly: “Where’s Ning Xiaofei?”

“She seems to be at the front desk. Let me show the way…”

Before the staff could finish, Xicheng has already nudged him aside and walked long strides through the corridor and turned to the passage leading to the front desk.

Xu Yang scrambled up quickly and dashed along.


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  1. Pei Roxie you shit ……
    Ning XiaoFei don’t worry your husband is going to help to find the real culprit …
    Thanks for the update morex5 chapter please 🙂


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