LLW – Chapter 140

Chapter 140: Dog Leg

That look on his childish face was particularly uncanny.

Bei Xuan stood underneath and looked at his master, then sighed.

His master really would pull off “unscrupulous” means just for Miss Feng ~~

Another thought suddenly crossed Di Jue Chen’s mind so he sat up straight: “How’s the situation there?”

Bei Xuan restored his seriousness.

“A few emissaries came to Tiandi to negotiate. Those people have not ahd much movement at the moment. However, in the past two days, people from the Situ family have sneaked within Tiandifu in search of something.”

The brows of Di Jue Chen arched a bit.

After a long while, he scoffed.

“They thought they could obtain that stuff by themselves?”

The bone-chilling words were spat out from his mouth.

It was obviously a sunny day.

But at the moment, even with the bright sun rays peeking through the branches and fell onto Bei Xuan, he only felt cold.


On the other side, the warm sun broke through the windows that were left open and scattered in the entire classroom.

Yun Qianche was discussing the core aspects of advancement and the students opposite him listened with relish.

Previously during Mr. Zhu’s class, everyone thought the class time was too long.

But now, the time was not enough.

They haven’t heard a lot and the lesson was over again.

Yun Qianche barely announced the end of the lesson when the woman in red came rushing with long strides.

Yun Qianche kneaded his temple and had to hurry out of the classroom in fear that Di Jing Lian will spout nonsense in front of these students.

It was a rare sight to see such a frantic Yun Qianche. All the students in the room broke into smiles and covere their faces.

When the class was over, everyone headed back to their own yards.

On the way, trouble came knocking once more…

“Are you Feng Chuge?” A delicate peal rang loudly.

Along with the question, appeared a woman and two men in front of them.

Feng Chuge massaged her temple, it’s really hard to enjoy just one peaceful day….

“I am.”

Feng Chuge nodded.

That yellow-clad woman looked at Feng Chuge up and down with eyes full of hatred and envy.

“Humph, you do have the good looks, but far worse than our sister, Yan Qing!”

“Yan Qing? I don’t know her.” Feng Chuge returned flippantly.

They bypassed the woman and continued on their way.

The yellow-clad woman was angered by Feng Chuge’s disregard.

“Feng Chuge, do you think I don’t know? You used to be a waste of Tiandi. At the age of ten, you were driven out by the Feng Family. Now, althoug you have gained spiritual power, who knows what method you’ve used to advance? I can’t say for sure, you might have built up your strength with but piles of baskets of pills!”

Listening to her outburst, Feng Chuge’s pace slowed down.

Zilan, who was following behind her, was provoked: “What nonsense did you just say?!”

“Was I talking nonsense? Hey, in Tianqi, who does not know of the way Feng Chuge used to be?”

“Oh? So, you are also a citizen of Tiandi?” Feng Chuge grasped the key point and asked.

“Of course! We are people of the Rong Family of Tianqi! Feng Chuge, let me tell you, as a waste, you can only stay in Class 7 in this lifetime. Yet you even deluded yourself by comparing yourself to sister Yan Qing? You don’t even know how to measure who you’re dealing with. Next time I hear someone saying that you’re prettier than sister Yan Qing or better than her, don’t blame me for being rude!” Rong Liang Meng’s face was rolling with animosity.

Zilan suddenly burst into guffaws.

“You… what are you laughing at!!”

Zilan refused to answer Rong Liang Meng.

And just spoke to Feng Chuge instead: “Miss, I finally understand what a dog leg(lackey) is.”

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