TOCH – Chapter 340

Chapter 340: Hug each other to bed

Luo Yibei clearly found her response incredible. He was swept away by her enthusiasm for a moment before he tightened his arm around her waist and met her lips gently.

His other arm pressed her head closer and he took control and deepened the kiss.

Fang Chixia’s toes were raised a bit higher and leaned completely into Luo Yibei’s arms, where she was then picked up.

The movement of the two progressed with seemingly tacit understanding.

The tip of Luo Yibei’s nose was almost buried into her face. He probably found their current posture unsatisfactory as he took long strides back into his room.

Upon entering the room, he closed the door with his toes and pinned her down into the bed.

It was a few hours later that the passion in the room subsided.

The eyes of Luo Yibei, who was lying sideways watching Fang Chixia that was barely awake, deepened.

Exhausted in addition to insufficient sleep on the plane, Fang Chixia wriggled closer to him and in a sudden move, twisted around and hugged him.

Luo Yibei instantly stiffened in surprise.

Fang Chixia seemed unaware of her movements. Her arm settled comfortably around him as she fit her face snugly on his chest.

This seemingly instinctive action felt as if the two of them has become two old couple.

It took a while for Luo Yibei, who was left staring at her arm that fell on his waist, to gather himself together.

Contrary to his expectations, he was somehow getting used to these habits more and more!

Fang Chixia remained oblivious to anything and instead arched her head up.

Her lithe movements was identical to a cat basking in the sun.

“Wash before sleeping.” Luo Yibei fixed his eyes on her for another minute. Afraid that she’d sleep listlessly, he rolled her up to the bathroom.

The sound of water first came from the bathroom, followed by a loud splash.

At the same moment in the room shrouded in morning light, a ringtone jingled.

A call to Luo Yibei.

The “dudu toot” ringtone continued for a long time, however, as the splashing in the bathroom was too loud, it completely masked the sound and nobody in the bathroom heard it.

The noise in the bathroom persisted.

While the phone rang twice outside, but still, Luo Yibei heared none of it.

He bathed Fang Chixia, laying her gently into the tub, teasing her like a cat. No matter how delirious she was, she never opened her eyes.

He fondled her skin, stroking here and there, and even pinched several times.

Fang Chixia’s skin was smooth and satin-like, tender to the touch, it reminded Luo Yibei of petals soaked in milk.

The mist in the bathroom lingered, her skin was now covered with a pinkish glow, particularly alluring and seductive.

Luo Yibei seemed obsessed with her skin. Fang Chixia on the other hand slumbered from beginning to end, so he continued this fixation by himself.

It took more than half an hour before he took her out.

The constant ringing of the phone outside has long ceased.

Luo Yibei laid Fang Chixia back on the bed, accompanied her for a nap and woke up when it was afternoon.

When he opened his eyes, the woman in his arms had long since disappeared.

She seemed to have just left as the pillow beside him was still sunken and Luo Yibei can still the scent she has left.

Subtle and light, but still pleasant.

Staring at the sunken pillow, he recalled the events last night and unconsciously smirked.

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