LLW – Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Well done

She remembers this person.

That day, it was this Di Jing Lian who called her, “sister-in-law.”

Giving this “sister-in-law” a though, Feng Chuge shook her head with a chuckle.

That girl is really outspoken.

“Yun shixiong, why do you always avoid me?” Outside, a melodious feminine voice was transmitted indoors. Everyone’s attention was captured by the noise and looked out of the classroom.

They saw a red-clad woman following Yun Qianche closely.

The clear and usually impassive face of Yun Qianche was now shrouded with obvious traces of impatience.

When Feng Chuge was greeted by such a scene, the corners of her lips titled up.

This really goes with the saying, speak of the devil and he’ll appear.

Di Jinglian marched behind Yun Qianche, blindly following suit: “Yun shixiong, wait for me… Why are you going so fast?”

When they arrived at the door of Class 7, Yun Qianche finally turned around: “Don’t follow me.”

When Di Jing Lian heard him, she was first taken aback.

Then her delicate face immediately crumpled up as if totally wronged.

From early this morning to present, Yun Qianche has never uttered a word to her.

It was with great difficulty that he finally spoke, but actually just this line.

The bottom of heart couldn’t help but be depressed a little, but the next moment, she recalled her brother’s words, which Bei Xuan has delivered.

That’s right, if she puts her heart to it, she can break up metals and rocks.

As long as she persists, Yun shixiong would certainly be moved by her!

Bearing this in mind, Di Jing Lian beamed.

“Yun shixiong, I know that you are very busy so I’ll not bother you. I’ll come back after class.”

Having said that, she also took another step into the classroom and swept a glance at the students of Class 7: “You must listen to Yun shixiong well. Don’t upset him. Let me hear a wind of anyone being disobedient, I’ll never spare you! Especially you, Su Ande.” She finished off with a glare at Su Ande.

Su Ande’s entire demeanor turned ugly, but Di Jing Lian noticed none of it and instead swiveled around.

“Then I’ll be leaving first, Yun shixiong.”

The instant Di Jing Lian left, Yun Qianche could finally breathe with ease once again.

Since this morning, Di Jing Lian has been chasing after him. It was truly maddening….

When he finally stepped into the classroom, Yun Qianche discovered that almost everyone in the room was looking at him in amusement…

That’s right, Di Jing Lian’s speech just now was too obvious to the discerning eye.

Di Jing Lian is also a famous genius in Yuntian College.

The moment she entered Yuntian College, her strength and appearance were second only to Yan Qian, the school’s beauty.

Of course, that was before.

Ever since Feng Chuge entered the college, the list of beauties seems to be shuffling unobtrusively….

Yun Qianche swept everyone a look and actually caught Feng Chuge smiling.

The color on his face slightly cooled down.

She…does she really not remember him?!


At the same time, another place.

A little figure leaned against a rattan chair.

The sun rays shines through the branches and scattered all over his delicate, childish face.

At this moment, he is the image of a fairy child, very cute.

Below, Bei Xuan was busy reporting.

Finally, he opened his eyes with a gleaming smile palpable in his pale purple eyes.

“Well done!”


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