EP – Chapter 166

Chapter 166: Because of a person

“This matter is not only a provocation against Dishi Entertainment, but also against all original composers and original works. This is not a malicious incident, but a real crime. China’s copyright laws and regulations are gradually improving and we believe that with the support of other creators and tens of millions of fans who support the real edition, we will get better and better! Alright, the next part, in order to give back to the support of the fans, Mr. Xicheng has prepared a half-hour question and answer time for our reporters. You can ask questions.”

The journalists present went wild, too.

This is the first time that the sun has risen from the west. This grandpa finally is willing to accept interviews.

Snap snap snap!

A hand was raised at once.

Xicheng raised his right hand and nodded to a female reporter who stood up enthusiastically, even her voice came out bubbling with excitement.

“Mr. Xicheng, at this moment, what do you most want to say to your fans?”

The man pondered for a moment before standing up and slowly bowed to everyone.

“Thank you!”

The fans in the stadium burst out screaming.

“Xicheng, we love you.”

“We’ll support you forever.”


“In fact.” Xicheng raised his right hand and signaled everyone to be quiet. “I hope that you’d love my song, not my person. I am not a perfect idol. I’m merely a singer. That’s all.”

Under the stage, another round of screaming resounded. Xicheng couldn’t help but frown.

Sure enough, whatever he says is in vain!

“Mr. Xicheng, it has been reported that today, you will participate in an interview with “Dialogue with God”. This should be your first time participating in this kind of program. Excuse me, what prompted you to do so?”

Xicheng fingers lightly tapped the table, and the face of Ning Xiaofei flashed before him.

“Because of a person.”

“Is it a woman? What is Mr. Xicheng’s relationship with her?”

Another reporter asked in succession, clearly knowing the ambiguity of such a query.

Xicheng scowled at him.

“Either you go out or I walk out!”

He has never courted journalists and agreeing to answer questions this time has already been a big concession. There’s no way he’s going to cave in to these journalists’ speculations.

In an instant, the rest of the reporters stared daggers at this guy. They’ve finally got the chance to interview this grandpa and now he’s got him pissed off.

The reporter who has been glared at by his peers had no choice but to get up and leave. Xicheng’s fans sent him off with dirty fingers and loud booing.

The questions that followed were asked cautiously, avoiding all taboos of this grandpa, and the press conference ended smoothly.

It was only when Xu Yang, who has been sweating the whole time, left the venue with Xicheng, finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“The time of the program.”

“The live broadcast starts at 8:30, and we’ll arrive there before 8:00. The car is ready so let’s go upstairs and have dinner. We’ll head to the TV station right after.”

Xicheng raised his wrist to look at the time on his watch and nodded, “Help me prepare two CDs!”

When they were sitting upstairs and having dinner, the staff sent the CD’s. Xicheng signed them with his autograph and handed them to Xu Yang.

“Wrap it in a pretty bag, I’ll give it to someone.”

After dinner, they brought the bag with them and headed to the station.

As the car drove into the entrance of the TV station, Xu Yang’s phone rang.

After listening to a few words, his brows snapped together and his voice turned serious.

“Are you sure…Is there any mistake… Alright, I know… I’ll talk to you later.”

Xicheng looked at him askance. After Xu Yang hung up, he hesitated to speak.

“They found the original post and also the IP address of the sender!”



M’s corner: Seems like trouble’s heading Fei fei’s door….

3 thoughts on “EP – Chapter 166”

  1. Oh no the real culprit is the damn bitch , I hope his trust to Ning Xiao Fei is strong and won’t waver , please ask her again okay don’t judge her right away after you hear the report …..
    Thanks for the chapter 🙂


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