TOCH – Chapter 339

Chapter 339: My room is your room

Xiao Zuo felt he was being despised, but still obeyed what she meant.

Fang Chixia spent a while in his room, then was led by a servant to the room that was arranged for her.

It was the same room in the middle of Luo Yibei and Xiao Zuo’s rooms that she has occupied before. The balcony was still adjacent to Luo Yibei’s balcony where they could even feel each other’s warmth.

After entering the room, the servant left. She first poked around the room casually and then walked to the balcony.

As soon as she stepped on the floor outside, she saw Luo Yibei right outside.

He appears to have been waiting for her. His arms were crossed in front of his chest while he leaned lazily against the wall with nothing to do.

“Come here.” He motioned towards his room.

“No, I’m fine living in this room.” Knowing that he wasn’t up to something good, Fang Chixia made a turn and moved back into her room.

But before she could step entirely into the room, her arm was restrained and she was bodily dragged back into the balcony as Luo Yibei leaned forward and directly carried her over to his balcony.

He has always been this straightforward and domineering when it comes to something he wanted to do. He has the making of a bully who’d abduct women on the streets even in open daylight.

“Why trouble yourself resisting, it’s not like we’ve never lived together.” Luo Yibei pinned her to the wall and fixed his hands on both sides while chatting with ease.

He was totally relaxed, but his stance was telling her he wasn’t leaving any room for negotiation.

Since struggling would be pointless, she might as well save her energy for others.

He was quite right, it’s not like they haven’t lived together.

The only difference between staying here and at home is that this room is unfamiliar to her and with the Luo Family nearby, she can’t help but be on tenterhooks.

Instead of resisting, Fang Chixia hid her arms behind her and calmly looked at him. Thinking back on Xiao Zuo’s tip-off, she didn’t know what prompted her to ask: “For what reason have you done that?”

She was referring to forcing her to follow them home.

Her question that came out of the blue left Luo Yibei to stare at her blankly.

Honestly, if she had asked the same thing in the past, his typical answer would have been that having a wife offers convenience in certain matters.

This would have been his reply, which Fang Chixia certainly understands.

However, now, he has yet to utter a word in reply.

Fang Chixia waited patiently. Binding everything that Xiao Zuo has said together, she couldn’t help but come up with an answer.

Was Xiao Zuo telling the truth?

A fervent heat suddenly flared at the pit of her stomach as her eyes began to shine brightly as she stared at him.

Luo Yibei has been watching her closely too and was dazzled at the sudden sparkles that lit her eyes up.

Two pairs of eyes regarded each other and it wasn’t clear whose eyes ignited the fiery breath between them, but Luo Yibei found himself pressing her against the wall, locked one arm around her waist, held the back of her head with the other hand and slowly sought for her lips.

Cool lips were printed on hers, his exclusive scent charged through her cold and raw, this breath was totally familiar to her, something that has always led her to lose her bearings.

Fang Chixia willingly let him kiss her, with wide eyes blinking up at him. She stood on tiptoes and wound her arms around his neck, edging closer to him, as their kiss continued to heat up….

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