SWDP – Chapter 15

Chapter 15: I didn’t hit anyone.

Zhao Xuan was unwilling to be deceived so she commissioned them, wanting to retrieve her money.

Just now, Mu Huan received a call from Zhao Xuan, saying that the scumbag’s wife has brought a group of people trying to stir up troubles, so she went wild for a moment.

When they arrived, the scumbag’s wife was yelling at Zhao Xuan while pulling her hair and beating her: “You are a vixen, a slut! As a mistress, you still grab our home! Shameless! I’m going to kill you!”

As she was branded the other woman, Not only did no one come out to help Zhao Xuan, everyone in the crowd pointed fingers at her and said that she deserved it.

Humiliation, embarrassment, pain, everything piled up in Zhao Xuan’s heart so that she could think of was die at the moment!

She spent all her savings and paid everything with her body and soul! Only to end up like this….

Mu Huan and Li Meng exchanged glances and immediately rushed forward, pulling the bastard’s wife left and right….

At first, they both sympathized with the bastard’s wife, thinking that she too was a victim. But later, they found out that this couple were actually partners in crime. The man uses his good looks and work to work his way into swindling young women’s hearts. The moment these young women were hooked into devoting themselves to him, his wife will then pop up, then accuse these women of being mistresses, driving them into losing both their beauty and properties.

“Brother, both of these are also vixens, beat them!” The wife who was held captive yelled at the men she brought with her.

The group of people charged together.

Before Mu Huan could utter a word, they were caught in the mess.

Later, it wasn’t clear who reported the incident, Mu Huan together with the group were all brought to the interrogation room.

“Our injuries are all from her!” The group of people who were beaten to death pointed at Mu Huan.

They’ve been to the police station many times, but it was the first time they took the identity of the victims.

When the people who came to investigate the case arrived, the brawl has stopped. So when they accused Mu Huan of beating them, no one believed a word from the group. It should be said, no one else would ever believe that such a young, lovely little girl could hurt anyone, let alone a group of people!”

But as routine dictates, they still have to ask Mu Huan, “Young girl, did you beat all of them?”

The tone of the investigating officer involuntarily softened, afraid that if he were to speak a little louder, the delicate and young little girl in front of him would be scared.

“No, I didn’t.” Mu Huan answered seriously.

“Grass mud horse! [a curse word] You still have the face to deny everything! So many people have witnessed it!” A yellow haired man stood up and screamed heatedly.

But the man in charge of them smacked him on the head to let him sit down: “What are you yelling for!”

Huang Mao dared not swear anymore, but still he shouted: “Then tell me, if you did not hit us, where did we get our injuries then? Did we fight among ourselves?”

For this question, the people who went to investigate also wanted to know the answer. Although this young girl looked incapable of beating anyone, where did these people’s injuries come from?

“It’s from your own fighting!” Mu Huan blinked adorably.

The people who investigated the case, “…”

The people beaten, “…!!!”

F***! How dare she speak nonsense without batting an eyelid! And also with such a face!

Mu Huan immediately continued: “Uncle, there is surveillance camera on the spot, the footage will prove my innocence!”

At the same moment, the person responsible for the field surveillance came back.

After watching the recording, the look of all eyes trained on Mu Huan changed! Each of their expressions are indescribable!

But Mu Huan is still the image of someone who’d never hurt an animal: “Uncle, I didn’t hit anyone, did I?”

M’s corner: Mu Huan is a total bad-ass!!!

3 thoughts on “SWDP – Chapter 15”

  1. 😂Oh, man! I want to know what the recording showed! Mu Huan sounds really badass.👍🏽👍🏽 Now, I’m looking forward to Bao Junyan finding out her true colors.😏🤭

    Thanks for the chapter.💖


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